Enjoying my old Dawes Galaxy 1977


Fat bloke, pedalling slowly and enjoying the ride.
I bought this 1977 Dawes Galaxy a few years ago, overhauled and refurbished it with some modern parts, including 700c wheels, chainset etc. I've put some bigger 35c Vittoria Randoneur tyres on it over winter, which are very comfy and fill the 27inch wheel gap nicely. This is a very comfy frame to ride, I've had old Raleigh's, Carlton's and other Reynold's frames in the past, but I think this is the comfiest yet.

Tatton park today.
Dawes Galaxy Tatton Park Jan 2021.jpg
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And a very fine example indeed... :becool:


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Very nice,i bought a Super Galaxy from Spa Cycles many many moons ago,like fool i let it go to London after buying another bike in 2010,it was a lovely bike.The paint job was a mixe three different colours,it looked green,then gold flecks and in some lights dark blue.Don't let yours go.Mine was a proper 25" frame or 64cm.
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