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Purchased/Fitted - first shakedown test all good half way H on tow path loose rattling fell off - see attached photos

Obviously I’m not the most “gifted” mechanic !!! Any help / advice / solution much appreciated I’ve obviously done something wrong ?

Thanks in advance (Rookie Tourer)


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Hugh Manatee

Looks like an expander wedge like you get in proper stems. There should be an Allen key around 5 or 6mm in size. When tightened, this should open up the wedge inside the handlebars. It is this expansion that holds everything secure.

My Profile Durrango XC bar extensions from about 1000 years ago work in the same way. All the very earliest bar ends worked in a similar fashion. Then Onza became the big fish and moved to clamps.

Interesting to see the design lives on.
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