1. Paul Walters

    Trailer v Panniers for Tandem Touring?

    Whereas I've done loads of touring on my single bike, and can fit everything I need into panniers, my wife and I have now acquired an Orbit Velocity Tandem and plan to do some multi-day or week long tours on it. We are novice tandemeers, and I was wondering about the wisdom of adding more...
  2. lazytyke

    Long trousers for touring

    A recent health scare, has prompted me to think about moving to long trousers rather than shorts for touring. I tend to wear Ronhill tracksters in the winter (trendy !) but would love to find some comfortable trousers for summer cycling. Lightweight and fairly breathable would be nice, as would...
  3. RobinS

    Touring toolkit

    As part of the refurb of our touring bikes, now complete, I am also looking at sorting a revised, more efficient toolkit. We normally tour for 3 months at a time, but only within Europe, where bike shops do exist. Previously I have used a multitool, with a few extra bits and pieces, but as...
  4. IaninSheffield

    Virtual Cycle Touring Festival

    With the live 2020 event inevitably cancelled, the CTF has gone online ... and what's more is it's free! (Charitable donations would be most welcome though). Most 'live' sessions in the form of webinars are this weekend - 25th/26th April, though some are pre-recorded and could therefore be...
  5. citybabe

    Tent recommendations for touring

    Looking for some tent recommendations please. What’s ideal for 3-4 day touring? It would be just me inside it so would I need just a 1 person tent or 2 persons for a little extra space?
  6. jay clock

    Recommend a drone for touring

    I have seen quite a few blogs with drone pics/videos. As a complete novice can anyone recommend a cheap light high quality easy to use drone. Just wanted to get some shots of me en route. Small and light are key and I don't want to spend a lot on something that may be a waste of time Jay
  7. D

    Touring bike - flat bars

    I have suddenly and unexpectedly found myself with £500 to spend on bike related stuff. I'm thinking about buying a Triban RC500 flat bar bike, which seems well rated and fits my budget. It's the same frame as my current drop bar RC520 - bought with the intention of keeping it fairly basic, but...
  8. Iainj837

    Touring bike

    I have posted this on another forum but I'm thinking of upgrading my touring bike from my Dawes Galaxy but unsure what to go for, I'm thinking of going for one with disc brakes rather than rim brakes but I love the steel frame of the Galaxy any recommendations? TIA
  9. Captain Sensible

    SOLD ..Kona Sutra touring bike 53cm

    Kona Sutra bike, 53 cm frame. V.G.C. Probably less than 400 mls from new. Comes equipped with Schmidt Son dynamo, Lumotec Luxos IQ front light and Toplite mini rear light. Derby area Looking for £699. Colin Also listed on Facebook & Cycling UK
  10. Landsurfer

    Jamis Aurora Touring bike 24 inch frame

    Jamis Aurora Touring bike 23 inch frame / 59cm 2019 model. New and unused, front and rear racks, lovely bike .... £400 ono Delivery £20 along the UK motorway network
  11. R

    No pain touring gain

    Once upon a time, as a young man in my twenties, I did a fair bit of bicycle touring. I had a nice bike, well fitted to me, and a good quality saddle that my backside got on with well. Then, life got in the way, and although I rode a fair distance every week on commuting and leisure rides, I...
  12. Andy in Germany

    Videos of Unsupported Bike tours.

    Does anyone know of some good videos of people on unsupported bike tours. Beautiful Daughter loves riding with me on short tours and can't get enough of videos of people making cycle tours. So far we have watched videos by: Adam Hugill Beard Brothers Codey Orgill All of which move quickly...
  13. IaninSheffield

    Riding an Elephant (Bike) Over the Pennines

    Prologue With a ridge of high pressure moving in over the bottom half of the UK, the associated weather window offered the chance of a ‘snap’ tour. I’ve been keen to try something which may or may not come off; the clue’s in the title. A while ago I picked up one of the Pashley Mailstars that...
  14. IaninSheffield

    Any MoD military ranges on your planned touring route?

    Wish I'd been aware of this "Military ranges firing notices" page when I had to re-route around the Lulworth area whilst on a tour a few years ago, not least because of the miles it added! Anyone else had more 'interesting' experiences when encountering these areas?
  15. 8mph

    40mm+ touring tyre options

    I'm about to purchase new tyres for a winter tour in India. The tyres must last for at least 6,000 miles and offer good puncture protection and some off-road traction. At the moment I'm considering Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 700 x 40mm, the only other contender is Continental's Travel contact...
  16. Spiderweb

    A 1956 film about cycle touring in the Uk

    I quite enjoyed watching this one, touring around the UK with the help of a train or two.
  17. 8mph

    winter touring destinations

    Any suggestions? Somewhere to clock up a few thousand miles over winter with the possibility of some wild camping. My budget isn't huge but please feel free to include any destination so we can share info. Thanks :smile:
  18. BigMeatball

    Training for some light touring

    Hello guys, as per title, I've had the mad idea of getting into cycling with the aim of doing some light touring next year. I hope you guys can help me tackle this challenge and give me some good advice on the training aspect. So, my current situation in short: - haven't been on a bike for...
  19. jay clock

    Your cycle touring Instagrams!

    I have a couple and would be great to connect with the other CC massive who have such accounts General one for my trips. In parallel with CGOAB and I only post when out touring And this one which is purely pics of tents when touring ( a few side...
  20. Vantage

    Spa Steel Touring SOLD

    Frame & forks. 48cm to suit 26" wheels. It does come with a Spa seatpost clamp which I forgot to put in the photo. It's just over a year old with about 2500 miles on it. It is looking a little scruffy to be honest. The biggest eyesore being under the chainstays where I had a Pletscher twin...
  21. W

    Touring Bike

    Hi all, I've managed to get a touring bike and hoping to find out a little more about it. It's in decent condition, not sure how old it might be. Simplex gear levers, Shimano deraileurs, 21 speed. Has Dia Compe brake levers and hoods. No head badge or stickers on the frame, any ideas? It's not...
  22. Gravity Aided

    An American Touring Bike

    Not the sort of verbage one sees together often. I am working on a deal to get a Schwinn Passage Frame from a fellow in Northern Illinois. Travel, a meeting at a truck stop on an interstate highway,( in a small town with 4 intercontinental Amtrak trains a day)((side trip)) ) and the maximum of...
  23. Kevoffthetee

    26inch touring tyres for mtb

    Hi, Im after some good value for money touring tyres for the mountain bike. I currently have the original 26x2 giant tyres on but me and a mate are cycling 45 miles up to his caravan in Alston and then back the following day. its still a mountain bike so need some nobbles on it but the bike...
  24. Andy in Germany

    Good Cycle touring blogs or online articles

    Can anyone recommend some cycling blogs or online articles which are well written and engaging? I know a few but I'd like to have a broader range for purposes of propaganda on my boys. ("I've got a couple of interesting texts for you to practice English..." et c) Online is preferred as even if...
  25. nickAKA

    How long does a journey have to be before you can call it 'touring'?

    I ask purely because I'm thinking of organising a saunter from Manchester to Amsterdam via the Hull-Rotterdam ferry with a some mates... once we're out of Greater Manchester it's a flat 160 miles split 60/40 by an overnight on the ferry, a night or two in the 'Dam & then back... it's not a...
  26. Flying_Monkey

    Rohloff touring bikes

    A few years ago, it seemed as though Rohloff speedhubs would be everywhere but they seem to be still a niche gear choice. But I still want a steel Rohloff-equipped on and off-road touring / bikepacking bike, that I can also use for commuting, including in our cold and icy winters here in...
  27. jay clock

    Maps for touring France and UK

    Whsilt I am a big fan of my Garmin (Edge 1030) that I will be using for LEJOG next month, it does require anal levels of planning (which I am fine with) and if you have to divert for any reason (accommodation/mechnical etc) can be a fiddle. So I like to have maps on my bar bag, of decent detail...
  28. Dic Deryn

    Another cry for Touring Inspiration

    So here's the thing! I have a week off, its a sunny easter, I fancy a 3 day tour!. I live in North Wales, so am thinking England for a change. Factors are: A) I have toured a few times before, Coast to Coast Wales, as well as West (Aberdaron, Wales) to East (Flamborough, England) B)I don't...
  29. HumpTdumpty

    ErgoTech Touring Bar Ends - Help

    Purchased/Fitted - first shakedown test all good half way H on tow path loose rattling fell off - see attached photos Obviously I’m not the most “gifted” mechanic !!! Any help / advice / solution much appreciated I’ve obviously done something wrong ? Thanks in advance (Rookie Tourer)
  30. steveindenmark

    Garmin Touring question

    Its been a long time since I got my Garmin Touring out and am learning it all over again. Can someone tell me what setting i need to change for it to stop routing me up the motorway?
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