1. PHL67

    Roberts 531 Touring frame.

    Vintage Reynolds 531 Roberts touring frame from Chas Roberts stable. Frame size is 51cm. Has fixings for racks front and rear. Threads are good. No dents visible just surface rust. Pantographed rear stays. Ideal restoration project. Once restored they sell for serious money. See pictures...
  2. biggs682

    SOLD 2006 ish Cannondale T600 Touring bike Medium frame size

    2006 ish Cannondale T600 touring bike Grey in colour complete with map detail panels (hard to explain) in immaculate condition ie 9/10 Medium size frame set up for me in pics at 5ft10" measures 19" from centre of crank to top of seat tube clamp and 20 along the sloping tube centre to centre...
  3. ChrisKH

    Islabike Beinn 26 - Child's Hybrid: Touring, Weekend, Commuter, Off-Road Bike - Used (But Never Used) - £300.00 SOLD

    Hi, haven't posted for a while (had knee replacement surgery last year and work stopped me posting before that!) and put this up for sale previously, but no interest. Bought this brand new for my son who rode it round the block and never got on it again (ungrateful so and so). Been in storage...
  4. FrothNinja

    Winter touring on e-bike?

    Anyone toured on an eBike in the winter. Still thinking of doing a c300 mile tour before the end of the year (Lancs to Scotland) and thinking of doing it on the hybid eBike but I have never toured it in the winter. When I ride it I usually get 70+ miles per charge and expect I will probably...
  5. IaninSheffield

    Widdershins around East Anglia

    Prologue With the roofer having to put back work on my chimney until October, and the sun returning to the skies after a prolonged absence, the opportunity for a short tour once again proved attractive. This time though, the Elephant Bike would remain in its enclosure while ‘Bogtrotter’, my...
  6. stalagmike

    Touring pedals

    I'm after a set of pedals with flats on one side and clipless SPD on the other. It's for a 90s mtb skip find I'm doing up as a tourer, so I'm trying to do the whole build eco style by buying as few new parts as possible
  7. IaninSheffield

    A (short) week in Wolverley

    Day 1 (12th July) It's been trickier to get away recently, Pandemic notwithstanding. The house needs a little building repair work done and the first slot the roofer had was around the end of June/ beginning of July. That clipped my wings somewhat and meant I daren't arrange any time away. A...
  8. Landsurfer

    Raleigh Record Ace Touring 24" .... AGAIN ...

    It was in ... Then it was Gone ... AND NOW IT’S BACK AGAIN ...:smile: Raleigh Record Ace Framed Touring bicycle. Raleigh Record Ace 24” frame. Wheels .. Decathlon 32 spoke with 28mm puncture resist road tyres .. the tyres that is, the wheels have done <500 miles. Seat .. alloy /...
  9. B

    Shimano pd-a520 spd touring pedals

    Does anyone know if Shimano have stopped making these ,or is it a supply issue? . It is the single sided type .
  10. HobbesOnTour

    Wahoo & Osmand for Touring

    I know I've banged on about this before, but there has been a development. There are not many route planners that will work offline, and those that do often don't allow the export of a route to use on a gps device - just on your phone. Osmand is one that does both and with its other...
  11. M

    Tyres for more off road (e.g. South Downs) terrain and off-road touring

    So - my current bike is a Spez Diverge 2019 with factory stock Espoir Sport tyres (kinda road-y tyres). Very happy with them, they go fairly quick on roads and light gravel. However, anything more than that & it becomes a little hard-going. So I'm toying with the idea of buying spare tyres but...
  12. Landsurfer

    Steel framed touring bike

    I’m in the market for a steel framed touring bike under £1k. My current tourer is a mixture of Jamis Aurora frame and SPA components. The Aurora does not seem to be available in the UK anymore. I paid £700 for the Aurora from Evans and its a price area i’m comfortable with but will go to £1k if...
  13. Rockster57

    ***Sold***ROSE Multistreet 4 Touring/Treking/Adventure Bicycle - Unused 2015 Bike

    ***SOLD*** This is the first of two bikes I'm putting up for sale. I had grand plans for both so it’s with mixed emotions I'm letting these go. I’ve finally had to face up to the fact that the luxury of time I was striving for just isn’t happening. This one you see here is the MultiStreet 4...
  14. Blue Hills

    Touring book offer until Nov 8 I haven't read this and it's possible that parts are a rehash of his...
  15. Oldhippy

    Cycle touring travel books recommendation.

    I enjoy reading cycle travel adventures and have a reasonable collection but wondered if anyone can recommend any I have missed. Probably loads. I have the bike called Reggie ones, one Josie Dew, Full English, Tim Moore and a couple of practical how to ones. No interest in professional racing...
  16. Vantage

    Post Touring Depression

    Anyone else here had it? My dad and I finished our Way of the Roses last Thursday and as of the Friday, I've been feeling low. I'd planned on doing a write up of the ups and downs and calamity of our tour and I can't find the will to do it. I almost wish I hadn't returned home and just carried...
  17. HumpTdumpty

    Touring Bike stands suggestions?

    Hi All, Anyone know where I can get a front & rear stand combo like the set pictured pls ? Any help much appreciated many thanks 🙏
  18. Saracenlad

    UK fixed base touring.

    Following on from my thread - Using Premier Inn as a base. We have decided to go for this as a means to go touring. Does anyone have any advice on where to get information about the area we are visiting? I have access to most O/S Landranger maps. At the moment we intend to visit Beverley...
  19. Iainj837

    Garmin edge touring

    Hi at the moment I have a garmin edge 200 but I am thinking of upgrading to a garmin edge touring.
  20. Paul Walters

    Trailer v Panniers for Tandem Touring?

    Whereas I've done loads of touring on my single bike, and can fit everything I need into panniers, my wife and I have now acquired an Orbit Velocity Tandem and plan to do some multi-day or week long tours on it. We are novice tandemeers, and I was wondering about the wisdom of adding more...
  21. lazytyke

    Long trousers for touring

    A recent health scare, has prompted me to think about moving to long trousers rather than shorts for touring. I tend to wear Ronhill tracksters in the winter (trendy !) but would love to find some comfortable trousers for summer cycling. Lightweight and fairly breathable would be nice, as would...
  22. RobinS

    Touring toolkit

    As part of the refurb of our touring bikes, now complete, I am also looking at sorting a revised, more efficient toolkit. We normally tour for 3 months at a time, but only within Europe, where bike shops do exist. Previously I have used a multitool, with a few extra bits and pieces, but as...
  23. IaninSheffield

    Virtual Cycle Touring Festival

    With the live 2020 event inevitably cancelled, the CTF has gone online ... and what's more is it's free! (Charitable donations would be most welcome though). Most 'live' sessions in the form of webinars are this weekend - 25th/26th April, though some are pre-recorded and could therefore be...
  24. citybabe

    Tent recommendations for touring

    Looking for some tent recommendations please. What’s ideal for 3-4 day touring? It would be just me inside it so would I need just a 1 person tent or 2 persons for a little extra space?
  25. jay clock

    Recommend a drone for touring

    I have seen quite a few blogs with drone pics/videos. As a complete novice can anyone recommend a cheap light high quality easy to use drone. Just wanted to get some shots of me en route. Small and light are key and I don't want to spend a lot on something that may be a waste of time Jay
  26. Dwn

    Touring bike - flat bars

    I have suddenly and unexpectedly found myself with £500 to spend on bike related stuff. I'm thinking about buying a Triban RC500 flat bar bike, which seems well rated and fits my budget. It's the same frame as my current drop bar RC520 - bought with the intention of keeping it fairly basic, but...
  27. Iainj837

    Touring bike

    I have posted this on another forum but I'm thinking of upgrading my touring bike from my Dawes Galaxy but unsure what to go for, I'm thinking of going for one with disc brakes rather than rim brakes but I love the steel frame of the Galaxy any recommendations? TIA
  28. Captain Sensible

    SOLD ..Kona Sutra touring bike 53cm

    Kona Sutra bike, 53 cm frame. V.G.C. Probably less than 400 mls from new. Comes equipped with Schmidt Son dynamo, Lumotec Luxos IQ front light and Toplite mini rear light. Derby area Looking for £699. Colin Also listed on Facebook & Cycling UK
  29. Landsurfer

    Jamis Aurora Touring bike 24 inch frame

    Jamis Aurora Touring bike 23 inch frame / 59cm 2019 model. New and unused, front and rear racks, lovely bike .... £400 ono Delivery £20 along the UK motorway network
  30. R

    No pain touring gain

    Once upon a time, as a young man in my twenties, I did a fair bit of bicycle touring. I had a nice bike, well fitted to me, and a good quality saddle that my backside got on with well. Then, life got in the way, and although I rode a fair distance every week on commuting and leisure rides, I...
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