1. tommaguzzi

    ultra light weight touring check out this chap.
  2. S

    Puch Touring light roadster - 3 speed rat bike.

    This, and another similarly distressed looking Halfords own brand, came my way recently. It's a 22" frame Austrian-built Puch Touring that dates from around 1973/74 and has been laid up out of use for over 40 years. Just a cheap, everyday utility machine originally aimed at low-budget...
  3. robgul

    SOLD - Garmin Edge Touring - complete package

    Garmin Edge Touring GPS complete package in the original box. with handlebar mount, leads etc. Updated with the latest Garmin software and cyclel-specific mapping that also occupies the SD Card - in excellent condition - it has always been used in a silicone "bumper case" (included) - there...
  4. TTSS

    Sold - 56cm Overyburys of Bristol 531 ST Touring Bike

    With the exception of my FS MTB, I'm selling all my bikes and numerous parts. Quality touring frame from Overburys of Bristol with period parts from the 1980s. Built with Reynolds 531 "Special Tourist" tubing braze ons for rear rack and front low rider rack. Paint mostly sound but vinyl decals...
  5. T

    Best bike for infrequent touring?

    A commuter / leisure rider who tours infrequently needs a new bike. For most use a hybrid is best (£500-800). For touring you're probably talking £1000+ for a spa tourer or something from a mainstream source. Which is best to get? A hybrid could be a lighter and potentially faster option for...
  6. GmanUK65

    What Bike?

    So this idea is a bit of a way off but I am planning on doing a 3 month tour around some of Europe in a couple years time. I know its a long way off but better to be planning early than later. First I need a bike, something I am planning to buy in about a years time to give me about a year in...
  7. RollingNoMad

    Bicycle Touring Tip's: Post your Bicycle Touring Tip's

    Bicycle Touring Tip's: Post your Bicycle Touring Tip's My question is how often do you wash your sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and hand wash your Tent when your on a long-distance bicycle touring trip 6 months or more Please keep your Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad Clean about every 2 Months or...
  8. netman

    Mercian King of Mercia Touring 1990 (I think) - Bournemouth

    Mercian King of Mercia Touring model in metallic teal with silver panels (1990 I beleive) Reynolds 531 22” frame and fork. Shimano 600 Tricolour ( Ultegra) gears and brakes with indexed shifting. Pedals not included. Mavic ‘starfish’ crank (does have a scuff/scratch) Cinelli bars and stem...
  9. J

    Dawes Super Galaxy Touring Bike

    For sale my Dawes Galaxy Super Touring bike. Sizing: ST: 55.5cm c-c 57.5cm c-t TT: 57cm c-c Made from Reynolds 531 Super Tourist tubing. Shimano (Deore mostly) drivetrain with newish triple chainset and 6 speed block. Downtube shifters, rear is indexed. New SKS mudguards. New Cantilever...
  10. U

    28mm touring tyres

  11. lazytyke

    Good value Android phone to run Komoot whilst touring

    Having had lots of "fun" with my Garmin whilst touring, I'm keen to try running Komoot directly on an android phone instead. I already have I phone for day to day use and comms, so just looking for a cheapish android, with good battery life that would run Komoot. Any experience/suggestions...
  12. jbb060

    UST/Tubeless Tires for touring?

    Pretty much as the title suggests, I'm looking to get some wider, knobblier tyres for my steel adventure/light touring bike and have been debating going tubeless. I've got 'UST-ready' rims (mavic XM419) and like the idea of low-pressure tyres for light off-roading, but there doesn't seem to be...
  13. T

    Touring tyres

    OK first recumbent tour this summer to euro velo route from Roscoff towards Nantes. Not far each day because a 5 year old is with us. I don't know the route but believe it's canal paths, riverside routes, old railway lines and minor roads. So I'm expecting tarmac hard packed gravel, a little...
  14. Polocini


    NOW SOLD. Thanks
  15. RollingNoMad

    Bicycle Touring and I am getting athlete's foot: foot fungus

    Bicycle Touring and I am getting athlete's foot: foot fungus I need Help with feedback on athlete's foot: foot fungus What would you do if you got athlete's foot: foot fungus when you are out on a Bicycle Touring Trips? Last 3 year's I have been using the Merrell Moab mid Waterproof Hiking...
  16. rogerzilla

    Nigel Dean touring frameset 56-59cm

    Anyone got such a slice of early 90s nostalgia gathering dust? Would look at a complete bike if cheap enough.
  17. Globalti

    Scotland touring: the one-minute midgie challenge.

    This is excellent: View:
  18. John Peel

    Mumbia to Kerala - Monsoon Bicycle Touring

    UK, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and now I land in Mumbai on May 30. Out of all the places I have cycled so far, Turkey has been number 1, followed by Greece, then France, UK, Spain. My least favourite being Italy. I must be crazy, as I haven't heard from anyone who has cycled...
  19. RollingNoMad

    I am Re-Thinking about Clipless Pedals for Bicycle Touring

    I am Re-Thinking about Clipless Pedals for Bicycle Touring Feedback is helpful and Appreciated I have tried the Shimano M545 DH Platform Clipless SPD Pedals has Pop-Up Binding Pivoting pedal cage allows SPD binding to "pop up" for easy cleat entry. Removable Cage Design Pedal can be used with...
  20. e-rider

    Surly LHT touring bike hardly used 60cm frame

    I'm selling my Surly LHT as I never use it. The bike has only done a handful of rides as is essentially as new. Tubus racks front and rear, Mavic A719 rims, Shimano XT hubs, Shimano SORA triple groupset, Deda bars and stem, Zipp seatpost, Continental Gatorhardshell folding 32mm tyres, KMC chain...
  21. I

    Anyone Seen a Good deal on Nice 700c Touring Tyres?

    Need fast rolling 700 tyres in about 32-40mm size , something like 35-37mm (what I have currently) would be the best. Have been looking at the Schwalbe Supreme or Almotion however can't really find them anywhere cheaper than £44 for a pair shipped for the Supremes Has anyone seen some decent...
  22. RollingNoMad

    Anyone Using the Soma Saga Disc Frameset?

    Anyone Using the Soma Saga Disc Frameset? Feedback is helpful and Appreciated I am thinking about Disc Brakes and the Soma Saga Disc 26in 52cm Frameset to replace my Surly LHT 26in 52cm 2008 Frameset Adventure Cyclist Road Test...
  23. RollingNoMad

    2nd Wheelsets for Bicycle Touring?

    I have a big Question about Wheelsets for Bicycle Touring? Feedback is helpful and Appreciated I am really like to get a 2nd Custom 26" Wheelset as a Spare Wheelsets in my Storage unit. And This is so I can get my 2013 Custom 26 Wheelset trued at the Bicycle Shop in San Diego, CA I have two...
  24. mickle

    'Making' a touring bike

    I thought I was being very clever buying this Tifosi Classic audax bike for touring: Which ended up looking like this: However, the clearance was so terrible that the 28c tyres clogged up at the sniff of a muddy puddle. I realised it wasn't going to do. I now know that the kind of touring...
  25. mickle

    Wanted: Steel 23" /58cm touring or cross frame

    Paint condition and age unimportant so long as it's decent or half decent quality (531ST / Tange chromoly) is dent free has slotted cable guides, cantilever bosses, 11/8th threadless steerer, eyelets for racks and cages, vertical dropouts. Sloping top tube ideally. If it came with headset and a...
  26. robjh

    Insurance, touring above 1000 metres

    I'm trying to get travel insurance for a short touring holiday across the centre of Spain. I've got numerous quotes, but almost all of them link back to the same - or very similar - terms and conditions which cover as standard touring only up to a height of 1000m. The problem is that large...
  27. T

    Touring with a recumbent - equipment questions

    OK. New secondhand recumbent owner with a good touring machine but previous model. This means manufacturer doesn't supply or make a rack that fits it. Seems the addition of an "e" at the end of the model name and switch from steel to Aluminium frame means they needed to design a new rack and...
  28. iLB

    700C Touring Disc Wheels

    Any recommendations, not to break the bank! TIA
  29. kingrollo

    Garmin Edge Touring Issue.

    Hello, I was following a route on saturday - the garmin was showing 0 seconds before I turned right. So I turned right. But then it started to show the distance to the point increasing (ie I was getting further away) - So I turned around and went looking for the right turn - got hopelessly lost...
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