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Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Velochris, 18 Jan 2019.

  1. Velochris

    Velochris Active Member

    Looking for something for mostly road light touring (rear panniers, comfortable, not bothered about speed) but also capable of moderate off road. Don't plan on lots of fast technical riding.

    Looking for...

    Flat bars.
    Hydraulic discs.
    Lots of eyelets for guards and racks.
    Rigid fork.

    This has to be a fairly cheap project. I'm confident with mechanics as I have built plenty of bikes and wheels so second hand is not a problem. Not too bothered about 27.5 vs 29.

    Ideas so far...

    Second hand Marin Pine Mountain
    Pinnacle Lithium
    Carrera Subway 2 (cheap but they seem okay for the money and I look after my stuff so would hope it would last longer than someone who chucks it in a shed wet through).

    Any other ideas?
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  2. CXRAndy

    CXRAndy Guru

    Yes, Boardman Hyb 8.6. Ive bought my kid one, just throw on some Schwalbe G Ones 40mm and its got everything you require.
  3. froze

    froze Well-Known Member

    First off eliminate any bike that has a front shock fork, for your needs you don't need one, and cheap shock forks are nothing but a headache and they don't respond fast enough to changing conditions, it take wattage away from the rear wheels so you're not as efficient, they cost more money than a standard rigid fork which means the bike has to sacrifice components and or frame construction to get the bike to fit a certain price point, in addition their quite heavy.

    Of the ones you listed the rigid forked Pine Mountain you have a bike that will be more dependable than the others you listed due to the much better component package and better frame.

    Other bikes you may want to look at, if these are in your country, I'm in the USA so not familar with what is available where you live, but see if you can find these bikes: Cannondale Bad Boy 4; BMC Alpenchallenge 02 three; Giant Escape 1.

    The one bike you mentioned comes with Tourney, that stuff is junk, it's usually found on kids bikes!

    I think you did a good job at finding the Pine Mountain, it has a 10 speed system with no front derailleur (not sure how old the one you are looking at is, it could have front derailleur system, the new one does not) which eliminates one mechanical issue and makes it simpler to use; it comes with Deore Shadow rear derailleur which is really a nice derailleur; the hydra Shimano 400 brake does get high reviews even though it is considered an entry level hydra brake system; The wheels are basic but they are strong; the headset is lower end FSA but it will hold up good enough for awhile; and the frame is double butted steel which while a tad heavier than most aluminum bikes (cheap aluminum can weigh as much if not more than decent steel!) it will last a lot longer and be more comfortable to ride distance with. If you decide to get this bike do not get into an upgrade fever, just ride the bike as it is till something breaks or wears out and it can't be fixed without replacing it then decide to upgrade at that point.

    By the way, all my components I mentioned for the Pine Mountain is based on new specs, yours is not new so those specs may not be the same.

    From what I could tell, none of the bikes mentioned by either you or me can take both rack on the rear and rear fenders mounted to the stays at the same time (though you could do one or the other), however they do appear to have rack mounts, so you would have utilize clip on fenders which isn't a big deal for a hybrid bike and you would have to do that anyways for the front since none of the forks from what I could tell came with fender mount provisions. The fenders I'm going to mention you will have to verify if they will fit your particular bike, all I'm doing is giving you choice of what I think might work. So look into SKS Raceblades Pro XL, this comes with front and rear; real basic coverage called the Crud Catcher; and another basic one called the Micro Guards; and Ass Saver Extended. There maybe other fenders in your country that we don't have that might work too.
  4. Bonefish Blues

    Bonefish Blues Banging donk

    52 Festive Road
    Buy aluminium Sonder Camino frame and carbon forks. Build own from s/h and new kit. Suggestion as you state you are mechanically inclined.
  5. froze

    froze Well-Known Member

    However, generally, note that word, it's cheaper to buy to a ready to ride bike than to build one...unless you buy some cheap quality made in China bike frame/fork directly from a Chinese factory for say $150, which is cheaper than the Sonder framel then add SRAM NX Eagle groupset for around $390; but you'll still need a wheelset, those you can get cheap for about $150 for the pair; and you'll need a handlebar, seat post, pedals, saddle, tires and tubes; so say you can get all of that for around $300 for the low end stuff. So now you spent around $990 for a piece of junk of a bike! Maybe my math is wrong? or maybe my prices are wrong? Feel free to correct me and see if you can assemble a bike with the quality of the Pine Mountain for less than it sells for as a complete bike.

    But you're forgetting one thing, he's buying used, which means he's paying less than the $990 it would cost for a new bike, so now that makes it even more difficult to meet his price point that he can afford.
  6. Bonefish Blues

    Bonefish Blues Banging donk

    52 Festive Road
    Forgetting nothing thanks. Giving an option. Who said that the OP needed to furnish the frame with new parts. eBay may be their friend, especially as they are willing to assemble. Fun too, and may result in a better quality bike.
  7. Justinitus

    Justinitus Someone mention cake??

    Chris, my remit was somewhat similar to yours and I ended up with a Giant Toughroad. Flat bars, hydro discs, lightweight alu frame and carbon forks, rear rack mounts, front fork eyelets (one of the models come with front/rear racks as std), 3 bottle cage mounts, will take up to 2.25” tyres. Lightweight (mine is about 10.4kg) and very comfortable. Not sure of your exact budget but Giant and other retailers have some of the 2018 models with some decent discount on them or Partridge Cycles in Exeter have some new returned bikes with small chips on with big discounts. They do come up on gumtree/eBay etc also.
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