1. D

    Mounting a light on the forks

    I have fitted a ortlieb bar bag but its blocked off where I would normally mount my front light so I have fitted on the forks I think this is ok it's not the nicest looking solution does anyone know if you can get an adapter that would raise it above the bar bag like the gopro is Thanks for any...
  2. ExBrit

    Replacing the Brompton reflector with a rechargeable tail light

    Can anyone recommend a rechargeable tail light to replace the Brompton reflector? I've looked online and I can only find two and they are both over $40 which seems a bit excessive. I see Nightrider sells a $10 plastic rack adapter for their tail lights - again seems like a lot of money for a bit...
  3. a.twiddler

    A Bit of Light Relief

    I've been looking for some kind of bag for the lightweight front rack on the Linear for some time. With a bit of of lateral thinking I've found a motorcycle tail bag that will do the job. I've had to raise the front accessory bar to let it swing with the steering above the bag but found a stem...
  4. Cycleops

    Vodafone launches rear smart light.

    Vodafone has launched a smart light which includes a tracker and takes a sim card:
  5. Ste T.

    Have you been fined for running a red light on your bike?

    No I haven't but I was wondering how much the fine is here in the UK. I ask because I was just watching a guy in NY fined $190 for doing so. Seemed steep. View:
  6. dave147

    Light up grade

    I have. Cateye bolt think it’s 300. Was looking around for a brighter light. I don’t cycle that much in the dark but would be handy to have if needed so don’t want to spend millions on one just would like a nice Reliable light think the back light is ok but if new one cam in a pair would be ok...
  7. Porsche924

    1980s ever ready rear light bulb.

    Is it possible someone can post a picture of the above? Trying to find one but not having much luck.
  8. Lard Armstrong

    Which Bright Front Light Has a NARROW Beam?

    I have a shed drawer full of lights, but I cannot find one with a narrow beam, ideally helmet and bar mountable. Most have a What do you recommend?
  9. johnnyb47

    The blinding light of the low sun

    Hi, Today i thought I would try a new route in order to commute to work. The direct route involves a very busy fast moving A road which i don't particularly like. 16 miles each way in dark rush hour traffic really isn't fun and always feel vulnerable along it. After studying a few options, the...
  10. Bad Machine

    Tongsheng Nightshade or VLCD5 Hoodie - Lower light levels for my eBike display, using car window tinting film

    Thought this might help others who have the same problem - riding at night with Tongsheng TSDZ2 VLCD5 display, and using the VLCD5 to control their wired-in front and rear lights.
  11. Svendo

    Which 2xAAA rear light?

    Recently my long serving Smart Lunar R1s have started falling off and one has been lost. Before I just get a like for like, are there any newer better options people are aware of. Much rather have AAAs as can pop fresh charged ones in rather than find a dead light when I need to set off to work.
  12. Heltor Chasca

    Garmin Varia 2 Bike Light & Radar

    Does anyone on here own and use the above? If not, you are welcome to share your opinions. Thanks as always. View: View:
  13. citybabe

    Rear Dynamo light not turning off

    I have a set of Busch & Miller dynamo lights on a new Genesis Tour de Fer touring bike. Only been out on the bike once so far with the lights on and the rear light didn’t turn off when I switched the front off which then drained the power I’m new to dynamo lights so is this the norm or do I...
  14. johnnyb47

    I bought a new 1600 lumen light the other day

    Hi, On Friday i ended up buying a new front light from Halfords. I got my hands on the Bike Hut 1600 lumen. I know its totally overkill for road use, but this winter I'm planning on doing more evening MTB riding were the trails around me are pitch black and littered with obstacles to navigate...
  15. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* SON Edelux Dyno light and bracket

    Had this languishing for a while but now definitely surplus to requirements. Full working order (but will need some cable joining). This model is currently retailing for £80 on SJS so i would like £40 inc p&p. PM if interested.
  16. KneesUp

    Bike Light Power Connectors - anyone know what they are?

    It's getting to the time of year where I try and remember where the charger is for my lights. I have a perfectly good front light, and a perfectly good charger (I did find it in the end) and a perfectly good battery. However, the cable on the battery is rubbish - I've cut the plug off twice and...
  17. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Lezyne Strip Rear 150 USB light

    Recent prezzie. Never used. Like new. £16.00 inc p&p
  18. Icemanhgv

    Front light on a square tube

    Fitted a light bracket to the KMX
  19. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Busch & Muller Toplight Brake Plus rear dynamo light

    Rear dyno light from Busch & Muller. 50mm bolt spacing for rack fitting. Excellent condition. £15.00 plus £3.00 p&p. Now up for auction on eBay.
  20. Elybazza61

    Now for Sale The Light Blue Robinson v.1 105/trp/dynamo ready size 56 £700

    Now for sale ( but still have to re-build this!) 725 Reynolds frame with cro-mo forks 32mm tyre clearance minus 'guards,28/30 with. Geo here; Spec will be 105 mechanical with TRP Spyre mechanical brakes(post mount),Sora chainset...
  21. Richard A Thackeray

    Seat-Stay Light Mounts

    My CGR has two rear lights mounted on the seat-stays 'Up To Press', they're just normal seat-pin mounts, but they're not vertical One has a piece of foam under it, to realign to a certain extent As seen here; Does anyone know of any 'adaptors' that can be used? Or has anyone made them...
  22. BigMeatball

    Training for some light touring

    Hello guys, as per title, I've had the mad idea of getting into cycling with the aim of doing some light touring next year. I hope you guys can help me tackle this challenge and give me some good advice on the training aspect. So, my current situation in short: - haven't been on a bike for...
  23. DCBassman

    Rigid mtb, alloy, or as light as possible

    Evenin' all! As my shoulder is as fragile as an egg lately and for the forseeable future, my alu Scott roadie is going to be history fairly soon. My other bike is the venerable Trek 800 Sport, currently in 8-speed 11-34 guise. The CB Uracco mtb is to be rebuilt as an 8-speed for my younger son...
  24. NDFR

    Lezyne 300 Lumen rear light

    Looking for a rear light if you have one for sale. TYVM
  25. Emile Flournoy

    Fast 'n Light

    I may be preaching to the choir but I don't see how anyone could actually prefer to ride a heavy, clunky mtb over a razor-like <17.5lb road bike? I road my rusty old mtb down my street today and compared to my HouPlus road bike (which I know is far from comparatively light) its like riding a...
  26. Reynard

    Recommend me a rear light

    Need a rear light for Wiggy #2, the Chartres. 1) Must be rack mounted and fit the light mount on a Topeak rack. 2) Must be suitable as a main light on unlit roads. 3) Needs to be cheap enough that I can leave it on the bike without the danger of it being nicked. 4) Would prefer battery...
  27. Elybazza61

    Light Blue Robinson redux 2019

    Have spentthe past few days off and on stripping and re-building the Robinson. Now sporting Ultegra Di2 in a 1X11 format (11-32 cassette with a 44t Hope chainring);also changed the Supernova front light for a B&M iQ-X with a brighter B&M rack mount rear. Not actually ridden it yet! And still...
  28. Domus

    Four4th Sodom light

    As I have now gone Dyno I have for sale my front light as above. As you can see, the list price is £235, my price just £135.00 and will include postage to UK mainland address All parts are as new in original packaging.
  29. Joey Shabadoo

    Running a light off my e-bike

    My Carrera has a nice USB port on the controller unit. Is it possible to run a light off this, preferably a Cree type and do away with charging batteries? If so, does anyone have any recommendations?
  30. Justinitus

    **SOLD** Cateye Rapid Mini Rear Light

    Cateye Rapid Mini rear light complete with mount and usb cable (cable not pictured and not Cateye brand). Bought last summer and perfect working order. Really bright rear light and good side visibility. Only selling as I got some nice Exposure lights and this is now surplus to requirements...
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