Erm...sorry to people sharing an office with me today!

Feeling energetic and full of the joys of summer (OK then, clarted with suncream to stop my neck from getting any worse after the weekend!) I found myself making brisk progress, the slow buses and cars were doing my nut in so I decided to overtake everything and have a "Ride it like you Stole it*" morning.

It was only on getting to work I remembered that the deodorant in the bathroom had run out, and I forgot to dig out my spare can and apply before setting off...

No we don't have showers...


*in my fantasy world, bike thieves stop at red lights, though it was pretty much a dream morning with lights changing as if by my command :biggrin:


Erm, there must be a Boots round your way somewhere. Or perhaps you could wash under your arms in the toilet? Revolutionary, but it stops them from smelling. :biggrin:


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I hope it's a short ride to work! Mine is 7 1/2 miles and I get to have a nice shower before starting work :biggrin:

My problem is always forgetting hair product, if I do I dry my hair using the hand drier and then use a small amount of shower gel :biggrin:


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I just sit there dripping for a bit,have a pint of water then sculk off to the bogs to wash my face down before getting changed.We are the same with out a nice shower but smelly stuff works for me....i actually smell better after a commute in than some people i work with who sit in their cars :biggrin:
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