Etape de Légende

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Anybody here do it? I was there in a professional capacity, and everybody I spoke to thought it was an absolutely fantastic event - some old hands said it was like the EDT used to be. Anybody thinking it would be an easy ride for people who aren't up to the proper Etape got a very rude awakening. The 10 cols mght not have been the biggest but they came in such quick succession that there was almost no respite - descents only lasting 4 or 5 minutes then up again. The Platzerwasel in particular was a real surprise.

What was brilliant though was having closed roads for a field of around 2000, and relaxed feed stations that weren't the usual manic scrum. Oh, and some of the prettiest scenery you'll ever see, with perfect weather too. Hope they keep it for 2008 in spite of this year's low turnout.

Nearly forgot to menion Strasbourg. What an ace city - if any of our town planner wants to see how an integrated transport system should work, a visit to Strasbourg is a must.


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I was there, excellent day out all round. As you say the course was a bit more challenging than I'd expected, but I'm happy with my time. I think the relatively small field and the perfect weather helped to make the day. The crowds were great, especially in the mid section.

I gather from a questionnaire they sent out that a flat course is being considered next year in the Cotes d'Amor. Wrong side of France for me, and I'd prefer some hills, but the atmosphere was great this year so I may consider it.
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