Etape du SiS

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by Aperitif, 8 Mar 2008.

  1. An interesting little promo DVD from Science in Sport - showing the 2008 stage from Pau to Hautacam.
    Apart from gezza - is anyone else trying it this year? (I just did a few kms on DVD and I'm shattered - need another beer - phew!;) )
  2. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy New Member

    Was really up for it and had planned to do it through some random travel company but it got cancelled. I still really want to do it, specially after watching the DVD. Is that a virtual beer you are handing out?
  3. Feel free to help yourself MBoy! I was dry mouthed watching the team chug just seemed to 'real'! :idea:
    (I think I'll watch it again tomorrow)
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