Europe still being avoided...


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Hi all

As requested and promised, a little look in from me...

Currently sitting on the Greek/Turkish border having headed North for the first time in six months. The next week will take me briefly into Turkey then into the depths of Bulgaria, heading for Romania. Glad the heat's easing off and actually looking forward to a bit of rain! I'm sure that won't last.

Probably two months left on the road this year for me - once I've been through central Europe I don't fancy Norway in November/December. Plus the cashflow is drying up a bit now, after six months.

More on the blog:

A few photos here:




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now that's what i call a bike ride!!:ohmy:

John Ponting


Good update. Glad you managed to avoid the forest fires nearer Olympus. I sent a link to a friend in Thesaloniki who thought you were barking - he couldn't understand how anybody could cycle in this years Grecian heat and humidity.


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On our bikes!
Hi Percy,

Have enjoyed popping on your blog every once in a while, when we can. We are heading to Greece in a couple weeks so will read up to see what you've been up to. Hope the weather stays good for you. Here in Italy the hot weather has given way and the last couple days we`ve had a biting wind!


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Thanks all. Wouldn't mind a bit of that biting wind over here, Friedel!

It is cooling a bit actually, noticable in the evenings more than the days. There was some cloud cover the other day!! Haven't worn a long sleeve or a pair of trousers for over three months now but as I say, I'm sure that will change soon and I'm sure I'll get sick of it soon enough!

Happy to give you some info on what I saw of Greece, Friedel, but I'm sure you'll find your own way well enough!
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