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Did the Evans Woking "sportive" last weekend and would recommend the Evans rides to anyone tempted but daunted by the thought of a sportive.

I've done a few sportives over the last couple of years : SWRC may flyer*2, Puncheur*2, Hampshire hilly 60 & Blenhiem 60 - each of these was in the "tough/challenging but dooable if fit and trained" category.

The evans ridewas arranged with 3 options 30/60/90 - with each longer option breaking off and rejoining the shorter, if that makes sence. The 30 was essentailly flat, the extension to 60 brought in some hills but no killers, and (so i am told) the long rout covered much more hilly terrain, no real killers but lots of them!

Well organised at the start, very well signposted, drinks stations at appropriate points, route map on waterproof paper for every rider.

Far more flat bar bikes and mtbs than on the other sportives i've ridden

Cracking morning on the bike!
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