Even in France you get....

...the occasional rude cyclist, although on the whole I find them very courteous, even the diehard roadies (of whom there are lots of course).

But this guy - on a clapped out road bike (well if you call anything with drop bars a 'road bike' that is) but certainly no roadie - well he almost literally glued himself to my wheel for several miles. It so happened that my wife and I were on a flat straight but quiet road, where even creaky old I can build up a reasonable pace, but there was a bit of headwind. Nevertheless I kept going and he had quite a job holding on to my wheel despite seeming to be half my age. I rarely make this sort of boast! I had no interest in shaking him off seeing as he'd got between me and my wife, but even when I slowed down he wouldn't pass. In the end I pointedly came to a complete stop ostensibly to take a drink but in reality to let my wife catch up. Despite my cheery 'bonjour' not even a grunt from him, not even eye contact.

Honestly! It takes all sorts. I just hope this person was the 'exception that proves the rule'. I have no problem with other cyclists in France, not in the least, they're really friendly.

Yellow Fang

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It's odd behaviour, but maybe he was autistic or something.
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