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Hi there!

My name is Ben, and I come from Aldershot in North Hampshire. I'll be honest, I'm one of "them lot" who have been inspired from the Olympics. I knew my work were involved in the Cycle To Work Scheme, so I have a Giant Roam hybrid through the scheme which I got a week or so after the Olympic Road Race.

I am extremely happy with my Giant because of its practicality, however I have watched a lot of road racing recently (Tour of Britain, TdF, World Champs) and it still made me think that I wanted a road bike despite it being impractical for my ride to work. Something of a "day-off" bike if you will. So a friend offered me a Viking Ventura 16 for not very much, which I picked up from him today. It needed a new innertube so I sorted that, and took it out for a quick spin round the block.

I've rode flat barred bikes all my life, and was absolutely astounded how different and how much out of my comfort zone it felt! It even took me a while working out how to shift down gears! It's a strange way of cycling, but I'll get used to it I hope!

Just one thing...were my thumbs supposed to ache that much?! :biggrin:

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:welcome: matey you will every bit of info you need on here along with alot you dont need :thumbsup:


Maybe I'm putting too much weight through my hands. It's not my thumbs specifically, more the palm area next to the thumb?


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Welcome Ben.
You're doing well already: you've got the 'N+1' bit wired!
To some extent the getting comfy on a new bike just happens as you ride it more. I seem to remember a few funny aches and even tingling when I first got my road bike, after spending 20 years on mountain bikes. Your body gets used to it, and you find your best weight distribution and grip. One baseline assumption is that the bike fits you OK. But I think what you're describing is normal, and temporary.

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Welcome from me ... :smile:

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My left hand ached a lot when I went "roadie" due to the change of braking style on the hoods, it puts a lot of new strain on your muscles.

my right hand was fine for some reason, which is odd, I must get more exercise in the right han..


Anyhow where was I? Oh yeah, those pains will go away soon enough.
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