Evening meals


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Cooking for one or for many?

I find the best thing to do is cook on the weekend 'in bulk' and freeze half.
Quiche is really easy when you get the hang of it; and if it's already in the fridge 'reheat' is really fast ;)

Stir fry (if you meant 'take away' chinese) is really easy to do at home, esp if you buy strips of meat.

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Scallops in a sauce with onions, and ribbon pasta.


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Smoked Haddock (had that this evening) with a bead roll, and followed by fresh fruit.
Just about any fresh fish baked in the oven and served with simple vegetables and spuds
Greek village salad (aka feta salad)

none of these takes more than 20 minutes to prepare and cook, all are tasty.
I see this is an old thread bumped. Well, if Speccy is still around, we have our very own recipes thread, now thoughtfully 'sticky'd at the very top of Cafe :thumbsup: . Have a look through, there's some good recipes there that might be useful!


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Nasi Goring, whack it into the old wok luverly and if you are feeling radical slap in some paella with some real soy source not this watered down western stuff.
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