Ex-pat pet-owners

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I'm currently 'looking after' two cats.
When they behave themselves I talk affectionately to them in Swedish, but when they're being a right pain in the ar$e (which is most of the time) I resort to colourful English - a bit like when I'm with my nieces, except it's the other way around! :tongue: :biggrin:
Hearing people speaking Finnish or Dutch to their animals always makes me laugh: as though they can understand those languages/accents! :?:
Any other ex-pats who are losing it as well, or are you all Dr. Doolittles?


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We are a Bi lingual family. The dog is as well. His least favourite word is "HUNDEPLATZ!!!!!!!!"


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Once I worked in a stable that used to buy in Dutch horses - they didn't understand English so I had to learn to say "good boy" "get off my foot" and other Dutch phrases until their English improved....
say what you like to a cat, in any language, it'll ignore you.

i seem to be able to talk to swans. i was 'allowed' to get very close to a family with 6 cygnets recently with no hissing or threat of attack. the parents actually swam behind the babes to see off ducks and coots, leaving the cygnets swimming about inches from me and the parents out of neck reach, but they trusted me. i felt very honoured. swans are good listeners and i have a fair bit of time talking with the father of this family - he even attacked a goose who dared peck at me.


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I suppose it's one step better than talking to the trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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