Excited, I'm getting a new frame...that fits me!


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For the last year and a bit I have been going around on a bike that just a tad too big for me, so I've just purchased a new frame that should fit me better, its only an ali one but I'm still quite (very) excited!

I've gone for a Dolan Pressisio aluminium road frame with carbon forks and it's only setting me back £215 delivered!! I will be swapping my old 105 group set and R501 wheels over, and it should be arriving this Tuesday!!! ^_^

I have read a few reviews and all seem great, does anyone else have any feed back on this frame set, I would appreciate any feed back.


I've got one sitting in the garage having just got myself a disc braked bike for the winter. I think it's an excellent frame for the money and would have happily kept using it if it wasn't for our cycle to work scheme.

It is quite low at the front end so make sure you're comfy before trimming the fork stearer.
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