Exciting music plays in the background.The car is idling.


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It is 16-00 daughter is nearly ready to leave home for the train station.Cannot find her wallet,train leaves Leeds at 17-27.Where is the wallet BRAMLEY,Bramley Is the otherside of friggin Leeds it's tea time.Meanwood to Headingley is bad enough,Meanwood to Kirstall is a no go.But next stop is Bramley,then we have to get from Bramley to Leeds railway station i don't think so.But i keep my mouth shut.She left her wallet at her mates house last night.
Headingley is jam packed Otley Road is the major road,up some side streets like James Bond.Heading for Kirkstall ha ha no chance cars backed up at the slowest lights in Leeds,so a u turn in a garage forecourt type thing.Back streets to Queenswood Drive past Kirkstall Abbey no no no more cars,can't wait time is ticking bye.Cut in to another lane which will take us to the supermarket car park.There we do another trick turn around,we have got past Kirkstall but going is slow time is running out 16-50 no chance of getting to Leeds centre.We approach a junction Police van is blocking another main road,an accident EVERYBODY is friggin going our way argh.We get behing a BMW who is driving too SLOW i don't believe it too slow no no no.Daughter shouts from back seat take this diversion,we arrive wallet is passed over off we go 17-00 we have no chance of getting from Bramley known as the Big Apple in these here parts.
Daughter says train station ,what Bramley has a train station,what i shouts a train station in Bramley.The place that was once visited by non other than Prince Charles,who was told he had to wear his very special fox hat.Bramley wear the fox hat he replied,well i can tell him.Train is due at 17-07 with a six min journey to Leeds giving our daughter time to get the Leeds to York train.The car slides in to the large car park just like a scene out of The Sweeney,daughter told to get on the platform as dad grabs two bags out of the boot,it is now 17-07 we are too late. After all that we are too late,but what is this people are on the platform,the train is running late yes yes yesssssssss.We see it's lights as it turns the bend,hugs kisses more hugs more kisses even Mrs P has made it to the platform after parking up correctly.We wave a smiling daughter off .We then make our way in to Leeds to see the film 1917,at the end of the film she is just leaving Berwick on Tweed and wiil be back in Edinburgh at 21-25.I'm going for a lie down i am too old for this type of excitement.


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Sounds like it -you typed this at 1000 miles an hour.


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I had a similar experience getting my 89 year-old Mum back to that Manchestah airport early on a Monday. I badly underestimated the traffic on the M61 and the M60 so we sat in queues watching the time ticking by and eventually reached T3 about 10 minutes before her Flybe flight. Luckily she had a boarding card but she was so flustered that she dashed off from the plastic bagging area leaving her knapsac behind; called her back and last saw her plunging into the horror of Manchester's hated Security area. Someone radiod ahead and the crew actually held the 'plane door for her. Phew.
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