1. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Songs that remind you of your youth..

    Friday night music is: Songs that remind you of your youth Bobby Goldsborough ~ Summer, the first time..
  2. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Politics

    Friday night music is: Politics Be careful who you vote for ~ Walter Trout
  3. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is : Parts of a bike

    Friday night music is: Parts of a bike Tubular Bells ~ Mike Oldfield
  4. Landsurfer

    Funeral Music.

    Me and my sister where discussing music we would like at our funerals ... as you do ... lots of funnies occurred to us both, but i’ve settled on; Nimrod, by Elgar .. as people are filing in. The Minstrel Boy, Joe Strummer and the Mescalero's version .. 1st Hymn. Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits...
  5. S

    Friday night music is ... your 2020 discoveries

    Nightwish View:
  6. Leedsbusdriver

    Friday night music is..... Your DJ requests.

    So there are no office parties this year. So let's start a party music playlist. What would you ask the DJ to stick on the turntable?
  7. Cycleops

    Country music legend Charley Pride dies.

    He died aged 86 of Covid 19. A great favourite of mine and I’m sure many other country music fans. A sad loss but leaves behind his great music.
  8. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Communications

  9. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Mouths

    Went to the dentist yesterday. See you after lunch.
  10. Globalti

    Anybody interested in wooden boats, quality carpentry or folk music?

    We love watching the Tally Ho story on YouTube. The latest episode was launched this afternoon and had 12,000 views in the first hour. Here it is, watch and enjoy. Does anybody know the name of the piece of folk guitar at 34.30? I must have removed Shezam thinking I'd never need it again...
  11. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Buildings

    Friday night music is: Buildings Another brick in the wall ~ Pink Floyd
  12. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Fears & Phobias

    In honour of Friday the 13th.. Friday night music is: Fear and phobias Phobia ~ Oversense
  13. Beebo

    Friday night music, the original is lesser known than the cover.

    Just post the original lesser known version. Not the more well known cover. View: you may have to click the link below.
  14. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Time

    Sorry busy, back soon, I must do some work now the rain has stopped...
  15. Dave Davenport

    Person playing loud music walking down our street in middle of night

    So for the last few weeks some bloke (ordinary looking, 20 something) has been walking past our house (small terraced street) every two or three days with loud music playing, usually around 1am to 2am but this morning it was 4am, you can hear it from a good 100 yards either side. I got to the...
  16. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Misheard Lyrics

    Misheard lyrics (deliberately or otherwise). But do introduce your mangled entry or we might not get it...
  17. Globalti

    Classical music fans: BBC Sounds - The Listening Service

    During my many sleepless nights I've been passing the time listening to BBC Sounds. There are lots of excellent podcasts and my latest discovery is The Listening Service, which is a fascinating technical exploration of classical music and what makes it tick. I would strongly recommend it for...
  18. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Body parts

    Friday night music is: Body parts Brothers in arms ~ Dire Straits
  19. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Birthdays 🎉

    In celebration of No1 grandson's 6th birthday today.. Friday night music is: Birthdays 🎉 The Beatles ~ Birthday 🎂
  20. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Vision

  21. Salar

    Digital music question - can't find that magic box!

    For the digi music buffs. I listen to analogue and cd's most of the time. However we have a large collection of cd's and cassettes which I need to log and transfer to pc. I know how to rip cds to wav, mp3 etc and also how to transfer cassettes to my pc using audacity, so there's no problem...
  22. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Bandits, Cowboys, Fugitives.

  23. winjim

    Friday night is alternative music night: The Wu-Tang Clan

    A niche one, but I know we've got some hip hop fans. I've been watching the Wu-Tang documentary (Of Mics and Men) with the toddler in the mornings and it occurred to me that you could do a whole Friday night is... just with Wu related stuff. Nine members plus associated artists, samples and...
  24. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Summer

    Friday night music is: Summer The Kinks ~ Summer's Gone ☀
  25. Beebo

    Friday night is music Night - MOBO

    I was going to go for statues but I thought it was a bit niche. So I’ve gone route 1. Music of Black Origin. Nothing too contentious, this is the Cafe after all. I’ll start with Bonkers, because it makes me smile. View:
  26. johnnyb47

    Annoying neighbours and loud music

    Hi. Being on furlough I've obviously been at home for much more than usual and the neighbours opposite me have been driving me up the wall with there loud music. When the suns out, they think it's appropriate to get the old ghetto blaster out in the garden and play it at full volume. The music...
  27. clid61

    Sunday night music night one off

  28. Beebo

    Friday night is music night - songs about true events

    I love a song that tells a story. Here’s the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. View:
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