1. johnnyb47

    Enjoy listening to music whiist riding

    Hi. I know its a bit of a contentious subject with some members to which i agree, but i do like listening to music whiist out on the bike. I've been enjoying my lival smart helmet for the last year. It has in built speakers so i can Bluetooth my phones music to it. As the speakers are situated...
  2. Venod

    Friday Night is Music Night -Years Centuries etc.

    Anything to do with Years, Centuries, Decades etc.
  3. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Happiness and joy 🎶

    Friday night music is: Happiness and joy 🎶 ^_^
  4. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Books

    Friday night music is: Books Paperback Writer ~ The Beatles
  5. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is, belatedly: The Periodic Table

    Friday night music is: The Periodic Table Spandau Ballet ~ Gold
  6. AndyRM

    Friday Night is #TShirtDay music

    You may, or may not have heard of T Shirt Day, which 6 Music started to show off shirts from bands you like. After deliberation, I've gone for Written in Torment. So, who are you wearing/listening to today?
  7. cyberknight

    Getting into the music industry

    I hope i have the right place :smile: If i remember rightly you work in the music industry ? Son whos 12 has made a cd , basically hes sung along to madonna etc and reckons he can sell it and needs a manager , i said he needs to get himself more well known via you tube and music distribution...
  8. raleighnut

    Friday Night Is Travelling music

    In honour of Thomas Cook, View:
  9. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Emergency !

    Inspired by the cat in a tree. View:
  10. netman

    Friday Night Music Is: Tiredness

  11. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Work

    Tenessee Ernie Ford ~ 16 tons
  12. Shut Up Legs

    Music album art - who were the models?

    This is a bit of a niche thread, I know, but I really want to find out who the model was the cover of "Music Box Opera" by Delerium (or if it's even a real person, and not just generated graphics). So feel free to help me find out who it is, and even add your own questions to the thread. :okay...
  13. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Fruit

    Friday night music is: Fruit. Cherry Red Wine ~ Walter Trout :smile:
  14. Shut Up Legs

    Friday night music is: the Sun

    I'm missing the European heatwave right now. The maximum temperature today where I live in Melbourne only reached 8.5 degrees. :cold: I need some "Sun" themed tracks to virtually warm me. So bring it on! :sun:
  15. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Pets

    Friday night music is: Pets Baha men ~ Who let the dogs out :smile:
  16. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night - Weepies

    We all need a good sob now and again, lets have a feast of depressing bad luck stories to make you bawl yor eyes out. View:
  17. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night: The Moon & Space Stuff

    Gotta mark the big Five - O View:
  18. Cycleops

    Friday Night is Music Night; Drunks, Alcohol and Drugs.

    I'll start with one of my favourite Richard Thompson songs "God loves a drunk"; View:
  19. cyberknight

    music for alexa echo show

    grandad had ought all the grandkids an alexa with a mini screen , mini ck 1 set up an amazon account before i knew so they could run with no payment option. Now he wants music but i dont know how as i dont want to put payment options on his account , are there any free music streaming...
  20. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Money and finances

    Friday night music is: Money and finances Obvious one first.. :smile:
  21. M

    Friday Night is Music Night: Leaving / Returning

    In honour(?) of @Drago, songs about leaving / returning. View:
  22. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night - School Life

  23. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Piano

    and keyboard artists View:
  24. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night - Disc Jockeys

  25. Beebo

    Friday night is music night - tears or crying

    In memory of Theresa May who cried today. View:
  26. Beebo

    Friday night music - anything to do with the European football

    We saw two amazing Come Backs. View:
  27. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Work

    Friday night music is ...... Tenessee Ernie Ford~ 16 tons :smile:
  28. Dave7

    Best music provider (or are they all the same)??

    I have just bought a speaker streaming device type thingy (yes I reall am clueless). I managed to set it up ^_^ I then managed to download spotify^_^ But then I found out to actually select my choice of music I MUST have a premium account at spotify/deezer etc. So....... Can I get around that...
  29. M

    Friday Night Do It Yourself Music, Ha ha!

    I took about 6 months of guitar lessons when I was 16, learned a few chords. 40 years ago and thanks to youtube, I learned a little more by watching videos. My wife Gina has never had lessons and really can't play at all but she like me loves music. So we figured out the keys on the keyboards...
  30. Venod

    Friday night is music night, The Compass

    Anything to do with the compass, Points, Degrees,Needle, Mirror etc The Dead South is a good start.
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