1. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Birthdays 🎉

    In celebration of No1 grandson's 6th birthday today.. Friday night music is: Birthdays 🎉 The Beatles ~ Birthday 🎂
  2. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Vision

  3. Salar

    Digital music question - can't find that magic box!

    For the digi music buffs. I listen to analogue and cd's most of the time. However we have a large collection of cd's and cassettes which I need to log and transfer to pc. I know how to rip cds to wav, mp3 etc and also how to transfer cassettes to my pc using audacity, so there's no problem...
  4. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Bandits, Cowboys, Fugitives.

  5. winjim

    Friday night is alternative music night: The Wu-Tang Clan

    A niche one, but I know we've got some hip hop fans. I've been watching the Wu-Tang documentary (Of Mics and Men) with the toddler in the mornings and it occurred to me that you could do a whole Friday night is... just with Wu related stuff. Nine members plus associated artists, samples and...
  6. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Summer

    Friday night music is: Summer The Kinks ~ Summer's Gone ☀
  7. Beebo

    Friday night is music Night - MOBO

    I was going to go for statues but I thought it was a bit niche. So I’ve gone route 1. Music of Black Origin. Nothing too contentious, this is the Cafe after all. I’ll start with Bonkers, because it makes me smile. View:
  8. johnnyb47

    Annoying neighbours and loud music

    Hi. Being on furlough I've obviously been at home for much more than usual and the neighbours opposite me have been driving me up the wall with there loud music. When the suns out, they think it's appropriate to get the old ghetto blaster out in the garden and play it at full volume. The music...
  9. clid61

    Sunday night music night one off

  10. Beebo

    Friday night is music night - songs about true events

    I love a song that tells a story. Here’s the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. View:
  11. PeteXXX

    VE Friday night music is: War and peace

    VE Friday night music is: War and peace. Starting with the obvious.. Edwin Starr ~ War
  12. PedalCat

    Help request with Windows Media Player (WMP) and PC music files/WMA files

    Hello knowledgeable ones. This is a pic of the icons of some music files in my PC memory/files. The top one with the 'play' icon is a WMP playlist file (I ripped a CD in WMP, it landed as a playlist and I copied it into this location), the other 2 (with musical note icons) are Windows Media...
  13. Cycleops

    Country Music Legend Kenny Rogers Dies.

    The singer of those unforgettable songs Lucille and The Gambler and many others passed away aged 81 at his home in Georgia of natural causes. One of the true icons of country music, may he rest in peace.
  14. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Peace and tranquility

    With the current madness going on in the World. Friday night music is: Peace and tranquility 🎶 Give Peace A Chance - Ofra Haza
  15. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Hobbies & passtimes 🎶

    Friday night music is hobbies & passtimes 🎶 Fishing in your river ~ Chicken Shack
  16. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: The utility companies; gas, water, electric & telephone 🎶

    Friday night music is: Utility companies.. Gas, water & electric 🎶 Edgar Broughton ~ Death of an electric citizen
  17. postman

    Exciting music plays in the background.The car is idling.

    It is 16-00 daughter is nearly ready to leave home for the train station.Cannot find her wallet,train leaves Leeds at 17-27.Where is the wallet BRAMLEY,Bramley Is the otherside of friggin Leeds it's tea time.Meanwood to Headingley is bad enough,Meanwood to Kirstall is a no go.But next stop is...
  18. johnnyb47

    Enjoy listening to music whiist riding

    Hi. I know its a bit of a contentious subject with some members to which i agree, but i do like listening to music whiist out on the bike. I've been enjoying my lival smart helmet for the last year. It has in built speakers so i can Bluetooth my phones music to it. As the speakers are situated...
  19. Venod

    Friday Night is Music Night -Years Centuries etc.

    Anything to do with Years, Centuries, Decades etc.
  20. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Happiness and joy 🎶

    Friday night music is: Happiness and joy 🎶 ^_^
  21. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Books

    Friday night music is: Books Paperback Writer ~ The Beatles
  22. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is, belatedly: The Periodic Table

    Friday night music is: The Periodic Table Spandau Ballet ~ Gold
  23. AndyRM

    Friday Night is #TShirtDay music

    You may, or may not have heard of T Shirt Day, which 6 Music started to show off shirts from bands you like. After deliberation, I've gone for Written in Torment. So, who are you wearing/listening to today?
  24. cyberknight

    Getting into the music industry

    I hope i have the right place :smile: If i remember rightly you work in the music industry ? Son whos 12 has made a cd , basically hes sung along to madonna etc and reckons he can sell it and needs a manager , i said he needs to get himself more well known via you tube and music distribution...
  25. raleighnut

    Friday Night Is Travelling music

    In honour of Thomas Cook, View:
  26. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Emergency !

    Inspired by the cat in a tree. View:
  27. netman

    Friday Night Music Is: Tiredness

  28. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Work

    Tenessee Ernie Ford ~ 16 tons
  29. Shut Up Legs

    Music album art - who were the models?

    This is a bit of a niche thread, I know, but I really want to find out who the model was the cover of "Music Box Opera" by Delerium (or if it's even a real person, and not just generated graphics). So feel free to help me find out who it is, and even add your own questions to the thread. :okay...
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