Excuse me, I need to vent some spleen...


JamesAC said:
Feel free to share.
Arch said:
Pete, do rant if you need to. It would make me feel better is my thread benefitted others as well...;)
I'll leave it till this evening, thanks. Need to have a think, come up with yet another re-written design proposal - etc. etc.


Actually, I'm wrong, on this occasion, to make it a rant against the Americans, it's not really an American issue this time though there is a USA factor in all this, too complicated to explain; just lots of things all piling up at once. Mainly the usual stuff, poor communications within our department itself, coupled with a hard time from the MD this morning ("how come a 3 weeks slippage on this project has suddenly become a 3 months slippage?"). And when a colleague lets slip that he got a verbal hint of yet another change in spec. from a sister company of ours, a hint that he failed to pass on to me, when I almost lost it there and then, when I had to fire off an E-mail to said sister company and receive confirmation that they had indeed moved the spec. without telling us - correction, without telling me ... when I have to re-visit the design stuff yet again ... when I get so hot and steaming, I'm glad to be able to excuse myself and get out on the bike for a 10 miler at lunchtime, rain notwithstanding (actually it was a good ride) ... when I spend the afternoon drafting up a counter-proposal, when towards the end of the day I fire off the draft at a few colleagues for an opinion (with a suitably barbed remark about the one who held the information back), when another one of said colleagues bounces it back at me with a comment making it clear he can't be a*sed to read it, when I have a good and constructive discussion with a third colleague (that bit went well), agree to put forward my alternative, then colleague goes home and I sit down and start typing my E-mail to sister company ... when half way through the E-mail I look at my diagram and think - wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE! that's not right ... when I start over, much simpler proposal which is going to WORK dammit!..... mutter mutter mutter.

Sorry I get a bit carried away. Fairly frenetic day. Good and bad in it. Still found time to visit CC a few times though! ;)

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I'm also getting some frustrations recently by the actions some colleagues and find that taking tinot the open with friends helps to release the pressure. What better place for sharing these points but in our friedly Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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