Expensive components on cheap bike

Some more expensive bits can be good if not built for weight saving.
One of my favourite bikes built up from a frame i got for £30 (got another identically framed full bike for £21) rear mech is a nice steel ultegra job - came with a bike i bought in 2004. Got bashed once and the hanger bent but still works fine. Recently replaced jockey wheels. May outlive me. If not have a second hand spare or two in waiting.
Up to you

I did see, on (I think?) FaceBook, on a page for a certain Ribble frame/complete bike, that retailed for circa £100 (plus cost of forks) with a full Dura-Ace groupset
Mainly to wind other riders up, I think:okay:

I have the same frameset, but mine wears a Tiagra groupset (even though it's restricted to the shed, after being superceded)

I'll agree with previous comments, Tiagra is good enough for most uses
It doesn't feel that different to the (2015) Ultegra 11-speed, on my Gran Fondo

WIth one proviso.... changing up the block to a (numerically lower) sprocket is smoother, on the Ultegra
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