Extreme Drafting


Man or Moose!
Goodness Gracious!

I admire courage, but that looked like faith and stupidity to me. Glorious stupidity, but stupidity nonetheless.

Also, if it were to come to splattery, there is a good chance others might be hurt too, in all the swervery. Great video, but shocking behaviour.

Having said that, i used to draft National Express coaches in my 2CV-driving days (and before speed limiters).

Excellent for fuel economy. Not excellent for the nerves. I was young, M'lud.


All well and good but I can't help thinking that if or when he does get splatted that it will cause o a lot of trauma and guilt for whoever is unfortunate enough to do the splatting. Even if it's not their fault at all (and looking at the vid it's hard to imagine it would be) they are going to be horribly affected by it. Not to mention the poor sods who have to come along and shovel him up.
Definite Darwin candidate. I just hope the truck leaves his organs intact for transplant.

Peter Armstrong

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What speed was he doing?
Been there and done that (last time was last Saturday) and you do have to get that close to get the full effect of the draft.

The truck in front isn't the problem, the danger comes from two things, one stuff in the road, you have no idea if an object/dead animal/pot hole has just passed between the wheels of the truck. And two, a flat tyre at those speeds can be interesting and in that position you are inline for a nudge from the car/truck/bus behind.
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