Fake sign promotes Cotswold viewpoint as 'dogging' area

I have actually spent several lunch stops in that parking spot on my way back from Swindon. I wondered why there were people wondering around looking into cars ;)


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Crackle said:
Midday, thank you very much ;) Does have spectacular views, I doubt you'd see them at night though. Don't think I'll stop there again now.

You might see a moon through a car window, though :tongue:

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'stranger sex'?

Stranger than what?

I can imagine some old couple taking their Jack Russell for a walk there:wacko:
That gives me an idea.

I frequently cycle along a quiet, blocked-off lane which is a pleasant spot marred by the activities of fly-tippers. And also, possibly, d*gging, though I have less concrete evidence for this. Now, of the two clandestine activities, I'd much prefer the latter to be happening on that lane than the former. For one thing, it leaves a lot less mess (if you discount the odd used condom or ripped-up girlie mag). So: should I put up a sign to scare off the fly-tippers?

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I think that they all should be sign posted in this manner so that decent people like me can avoid such disgusting activity.

Come to think of it we do not have such areas in Wales

Q. What do you call a sheep tied to a lamp post in Wales?

A. A leisure centre
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