Fallen Flags...


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Went out for a ride yesterday, and in the course of 48 miles harvested no less than 7 England flags in 5 different designs!

Wonder how many we'll have collected by the time the World Cup is over? :biggrin:



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Adrian collected one in Richmond Park today and on our way home saw a good few roadside.


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I only saw 2 yesterday during a 55 mile cycle to my parents house, which I retrieved for my kids

Today on the way back I saw loads - almost looked like fans are expressing their disappointment with the teams performance last night
You monsters! Looting some poor soul's pride and joy, their cherished treasure fallen by the wayside, that's what you've been doing! Give them back to their rightful owners pronto!

Errr... perhaps not. WH Smith were yesterday selling them at the checkout on a 3-for-2 special offer. Given that I have yet to see a car with three sides, must be a whole lotta flags going spare. Mind you, plenty of motors going around with four flags fluttering. Every little effort helps I suppose...

Incidentally, anyone know how the flags are selling north of the Border? :smile:


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Mad Doug Biker said:
Ocht! we widdnae even use them in the lavy!!
that's harsh...
China 'phoned Scotland asking if they would like any World Cup flags printed Doug..."call back in four years laddie" was the reply.

I counted 11 flags on the return from Richmond Park today - a couple of others going to the meet and a set of those wobbly things on an alice band. One broken plastic George hat too.

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So how come if you accidently drop your money on the ground and then pick it up you can get done for littering and yet no one is getting done for dropping flags and leaving them at the road side?
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