Famous musicians dying at Xmas


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What with Joe Strummer on 23rd Dec (2002), James Brown on 25th (2006) and Curtis Mayfield on 27th (1999) it's a safe bet that someone fantabulous from the music world will shuffle off in the next week or so.... I reckon Amy Winebar, Englebert Humperdinck, all of Ocean Colour Scene in a Ribena-related incident, the Tw@t in the Hat out of Jamiroquai or Ringo Starr, the latter being a bizarre incident involving mistaking a goldfish for a piranha...


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I think Keith Moon will perish during the Queen's Speech

Cheddar George

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I think after Keith Richards survived falling out of that coconut tree he will finally perish in a vain attempt to perch an angel on top of his 15 foot high rock n'roll christmas tree.
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