Fantastic visibility today


Just got back from a spin in the South Downs (East Meon way). I've ridden around there for quite a few years but I've never seen the visibility as clear and bright as it was today, you could see colours and details to the horizon in all directions from the top of Old Winchester hill.
Great, thank goodness you took some photos...


There were nice clear views over chesil beach and Portland harbour this morning but progress was slow due to severe headwinds


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The parcel finally arrived but I couldn't be bothered to go out for the last 90 minutes of daylight.

The forecast is looking good for tomorrow so I will try to get out and take some scenic photos to make up for the disappointment of Dave's absent gallery! :laugh: (Mind you, my phone's camera seems to be playing up so that might not happen ...***)

*** PS I spent some time looking into the camera phone problem and I think I have sussed it! It is now working indoors, but it sometimes worked for a while before, so it might stop working again.
Really clear night here for me last night. Lots of stars visible, but I don't know many constellations as it's the southern hemisphere.
I didn't have a camera either


It was also a beautiful clear day here, but as the wind was giving it large I was too busy trying to see it..

Lovely day on the bike mind. And the ride home was great with the wid behind.

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This is the most exciting 'If only I had taken some nice photos' thread ever on CycleChat! ^_^
Yes. I can't even summon up a mental image of how these places would look with crystal-clear visibility, because I have no idea which places you're all talking about. :giggle:
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