Fast delivery times for on-line buys.


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For whatever reason, I have always found ChainReaction to be exceptionally quick with deliveries of on-line purchases, especially as they are based in Belfast. Royal Mail obviously deserve most of the credit, them being the ones who do the actual transporting and delivery.

Even quicker though, are the good people in Manchester with whom I placed an order at 1.30 pm yesterday for 4 TomTom windscreen mounts (I keep leaving them in different lorries after driving shifts). They dropped through my letter box at 8.30 this morning. Unbelievably quick from Manchester to Ayrshire!

Edit: It was the free, standard Royal Mail delivery option.
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From Germany to Glasgow in 36 hours on a standard delivery...Rose Bikes :thumbsup:


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The on-line electrical components sites have an 8pm cut-off for next day delivery - presumably the sorting office stays open for them.
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