favourite internet radio station


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Arrow Classic Rock.
You can listen to it in Holland, but because i'm not there i listen to it on the internet.


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Colne, Lancs
I listen to: fusefm, the University of Manchester Radio Station, when I know that a friend has a show on (myself and my friend John will be getting ours in January) and use pandora.com, with a whole variety of different genres according to mood. I find it really good for jazz, by the way (as it can never descend into American soft-rock like most of the other channels do). Finally, I download four different podcasts a week, film and comedy ones mostly.


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the only decent rock station left in the UK


www.vsplanet.com has a great unsigned rotation on it's station (VSPR) of all kinds of stuff...erm..including mine:rolleyes: this station is not commercial, just run for unsigned acts who record their own stuff. Some crap on there, but lot's of good stuff as well.


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www.modradiouk.com is good if you dig that 60s vibe and Robert Elms on bbc radio london Mon-Fri 12-3 plays the kind of music I like and takes me back to where I've spent most of my life till 5 yrs ago!
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