Fear of flying..... don't watch

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Peter, 4 Mar 2008.

  1. Peter

    Peter Senior Member

  2. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    That was windy - do quite often see them coming into Manchester sideways though - looks like there was a nasty gust as it tried to touch down......still safer than commuting on a bike.......
  3. Horace Goes Skiing

    Horace Goes Skiing New Member

    Nice recovery - the left wingtip actually scraped the runway. Just after that, you can see the plane mushing with the right engine very close to the ground, then the engines power up and away they go.

    Ich wette, die Passagiere ihre Hose scheissen!
  4. longers

    longers Veteran

    :biggrin:. Chapeau to the pilots.
  5. Melvil

    Melvil Standard nerd

    I agree. I know what bodily substances I'd be evacuating when that wing touched the ground!
  6. dmoan

    dmoan Veteran

    I am scared of flying - terrified, in fact. I still do it but it takes tablets and red wine to get me on the plane! But it actually comes as some relief to me that:

    (1) the plane did not instantly burst into a fireball when the wing scraped the ground

    (2) it appears (from other news coverage) that no-one was physically injured (although I am sure there will be extensive dry cleaning bills!)

    (3) the pilots were in sufficent control to carry out a go-around, rather than slamming on the brakes, throwing out the anchors and hoping for the best

    (4) pilots feel that such awful conditions do not constitute such a risk as to divert to another airport - this suggests to me that their training and the aircraft they fly are of a very high standard indeed

    Footage such as this, and the recent BA short landing at Heathrow give more more confidence to fly
  7. +1 ^^ Apart from the "scared of flying" bit.
  8. col

    col Veteran

  9. All 18 wheels on a jumbo are steerable so as to enable them to land sideways don't you know.
  10. Well, I didn't know that.
  11. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    News to me also, I did see one Jumbo once in Schipol where one of the wheel sets had turned sideways. But this was after the plane had landed and was being repaired so I don't know how or where it happened!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jacomus-rides-Gen

    Jacomus-rides-Gen New Member

    Guildford / London
    Chapeau to the pilot for that recovery!

    I think we all to readily accept the statistics about how safe flying is and put it down to regulations and controls, all too easily forgetting about the incredibly highly trained men and women who fly the planes.
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