Fecking rain!!!

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It's meant to snow here on Friday - that'll make a change from the rain!


littlered said:
Hay waterproof knickers.....would that be tena lady then:thumbsup:

Talk about false advertising - the women on them adverts always seem to be really young!

Oh, and OT, I've found the first range of products that actually have totally honest advertising, and they are...........drum roll.....................

............Fancy dress costumes! The 'Models' wearing them always look pretty naff and you know you'll look the same but they still sell!


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Bromley, Kent
what you doing wearing knickers anyway


I got soaked right through to my knickers this morning.

Just wring them out and hang them on the top of a computer monitor to dry out. If anyone askes they're Christmas decorations :smile:

Not sure what you wear on the ride but cycling shorts/longs are best worn without, and they do dry out a bit quicker than normal clothes.

Ask Santa nicely and you never know . . .
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