Feeling tired...mistakes

Am feeling it a little this week...don't know why, not too much wind around and the weather has stayed fine (despite warnings to the contrary).

But, I noticed today, that I made a lot of really daft mistakes on the ride in...or maybe its better to say I took some daft risks.;)

I quality of my riding seems directly proportional to my strength right now.

Too many shameful things to put on video I'm afraid...just take my word for it.

I think I'll take it easy on the way home as I feel like I was trying too hard to make up time ( after I pootled along the flat, open bit's) whenever I met traffic.

maybe its just safer to ride faster (or at your comfortable speed) rather than "trying" to slow it down.
It happens to us all. Don't beat yourself up about it.

I stayed off the bike today. I have the Etape at the weekend, I have a cold at the moment and I had that feeling of body tiredness that suggested that taking the car was a wise decision.

it's very rare for me not to want to cycle, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. Take a day or two off the bike if you can and come back refreshed.


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Must be something in the air :laugh: I'm feeling rough ATM. The cycle in was fine, but I'm certainly struggling now :tongue: I've got the option to take the car home, but with only 4 miles something, I think I'd rather take the bike.

Might have to rethink the plans for tomorrow though as a 90 minute walk is probably pushing my luck somewhat ;)


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I had a few mistakes this week - nothing really bad but I could tell my mind wasnt focused. Took a day off from riding today which is lucky because I felt very rough this morning. ;)


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I know what you're talking about Jonny. It's very easy to get caught in the trap of impatience and grumpiness when feeling like that. When I've managed to hold back and adopt the moral high ground in this sort of situation (i.e. riding more carefully and avoiding stupid impatience), I feel like a million dollars.
Over training?

Off the bike today for me no other reason that I feel knackered very tired indeed. It's a combination of factors, long stretch at work without a break, understaffing and disturbed sleep patten caused by over training (I think), resting pulse is higher than normal.

Bit of R&R and things should get better in a couple of days.


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i too did something stupid the other day, i rlj-ed unintentionally. lights i have been thru loads, i saw the green light reflection in the side of a large vehicle and instantly set off. felt stupid but was lucky i had no problems. i too put it down to tiredness; and yes too much wind a moment, seems to be a permanent head wind both ways.
My nightmare turns are what I am doing this week...the dreaded 8am till 5am shifts...Im fine on the ride in but on the ride home it worries me greatly that I am not going to be able to hold my concentration,which will result in not being able to spot some daft motorist move or something else....I have already been concentrating for at least seven hours at work as opposed to posting on here all day.BentMikey may know what I mean....

Happily I have been surprisingly good this week because I do dread the ride back sometimes...Also I haven't really lost my rag which is so easy when you are over tired.

Im definitely over tired....The 5am shifts are my bread and butter.

Also on the bike I felt strong...it just doesn't make sense.

I think the Friday commutes are the worst but when I expect the worst they tend to be good commutes.

BentMikey said:
I feel like a million dollars.

All green and wrinkled?:biggrin:


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I'll be joining the tired party. I haven't felt fit since my last 100 on the 24th of April. I went for a 25 miles ride today but had to go straight to bed after my shower and some food.
I haven't had more than 5 undisturbed sleeps since the end of february 2008 when my daughter was born.
Maybe it is because the weather keeps changing. Can't wait for it to be a bit warmer and dryer. Hopefully it will go better this weekend :biggrin:


I think i'll join this club today.
Tired and a tad grumpy this week.
Muscles are hurting......Too many press-ups and crunches maybe !! But i'm addicted. Feel guilty if i miss a day without doing any. Played badminton late on sunday night which i think did it for me, as i had an early start on monday. Been hurting ever since!!!
Been a tough week on the bike so far.
BentMikey said:
21 hour shifts Hackers, or did you mean 8am to 5pm?

I think that proves my tiredness...doh

Trouble is I keep waking up all night...The other day I woke at 4am and was ready for an early shift...unfortunately I was on duty at 8am.;)
Joining the tired club too, been running a bit much to get ready for my first ever 10k run (a big deal for me, this time last year I'd have rather missed a bus than attempt to run 100 yards for it), the tiredness in the morning the main thing.

Plus I've just adopted another cat from tenants of my house who moved out this week, and he mews constantly all night

Noticed today I mis-timed an undertake through the cycle lane to the ASL, recovered and merged fine but thought "should have (would normally have) joined the traffic queue"

Funnily though it's more "brain tired" in the morning, I noticed even though I made that mistake, without really thinking about it I took hills more aggressively than normal, a good indication from my legs that the muscles are getting in order


yes, Mon - Wed meant a cold headwind all the way home after a hard day's work, very sapping, yesterday I was properly shivering after I got home, assumed I was coming down with something, felt very well this morning and got a tail wind home, about bloody time
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