Felt F95 wheel bearings.?


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Hi all,

Couple of technical queries regarding my Felt F95. I thought I'd seek help on here before starting to disassemble things, just to perhaps get a heads up, so any advice will be gratefully received, thanks.

First, can anyone confirm the wheel bearings (rear, specifically) on the F95 are the cartridge type. Had a brief look and there doesn't appear to be any flats where a cone spanner might fit, so cartridge seems likely. If this is the case, having established that the bearings need servicing, is this something the home mechanic can do, or is it a job for the local bike shop? I'm guessing that the removal and re-fitting of cartridge bearings will require specialist tools, and I seem to remember was the case when I sent my Hope Technology hub on my old MTB for service some years ago.

Second, I think the freehub body could do with replacing (which I guess is related to the question above) and would like to confirm that a Shimano unit will be OK. Not entirely sure what make is in there right now, but the cassette is a Sunrace unit, so would ideally like to confirm cross-compatibility before ordering parts. The hub itself is a Felt branded unit, but I'm presuming that most manufacturers probably make things compatible with Shimano.

I'd like to do these things myself, but having only ever serviced cup and cone hubs previously I'd just appreciate knowing of any potential banana skins that may be waiting before setting to it.

Thanks in advance for any tips you guys might be able to give.

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This model uses felts own r3 hub,yes they are sealed bearings,its a shimano STYLE hubbody,but no a shimano hubbody won't replace it,it needs exactly the one it has...basically the hub is a copy hub as is the sunrace cassette but that is shimano comparable,take to a felt dealer,could be a pain,or do the sensible thing and replace the wheels with shimano hubbed ones about £69 a pair,felt hubbody and bearings probably £40!
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