Fifteen years for hit and run driver


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15 years
"In what local cyclists say is a relative rarity, the woman who struck a 24-year-old woman biking home from work and left her to die in the middle of the street received a fifteen-year prison sentence on Thursday. Margaret Mayer, 36, was convicted on Wednesday of failing to stop and render aid after running down Chelsea Norman on December 1, 2013. Norman subsequently died in a local hospital three days later."

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I see under the 'recreation' tab of the linked site is: 'The top five concealed carry pistols for women'.

Interesting place, that there America.


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So it seems the "blame" game is even played in the Good Old USofA ! thought she had hit a tree bl**dy hell words fail me at this point, such a waste of a young life and at this time of year.
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