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Hello All,
First Thank you all for your feedback and helping me first to understand between different components of the bikes ( I have no clue 2 weeks ago about many of the elements of a bike) and mainly for your feedback regarding sizes and how this matter(Thanks Paul)
I narrow it down to few selection below and I included Cube bikes to not only limit myself to Giant and Trek ( Thanks Vickster). I found also a Scott speedster 10 but it has only rims and I decided that it rains a lot here even in the summer and disc is nice to have.
It seems that all of them have the same performance even the Cube Tiagra. my budget goes with the Cube Tiagra but my mind goes with the Giants or the Cannondale.
My future decision will be a 56 for sure and one of the 5 in the list.
Again many Thanks to all, this site is really responsive and very helpful,cube-attain-race-2020,cube-attain-sl-2020



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Personally I'd go with the Giant Contend. The Attain Race is a serious bargain though.

That's a very neat comparison site btw, I've never seen it before.
Depends on how tight your budget - the giant contend is the nicest bike there imo - backed up by a big manufacturer warranty. I think it also takes mudguards - albeit giant specific ones

But there is serious saving to be had with the cube - which could be spent on other goodies.

This could have changed but cube had an odd sizing technique a few years back - I usually look for 535-545 top tube - but this wouldn't have worked with the cube.

I used have a giant defy when it was all (now renamed contend) and could achieve comparable speeds on it v my best carbon bike.
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