Finally, I have done it. (S&S ISA)

I hope yours fares better than mine has done over the last few weeks...gone from 10.7% growth to 7.16% ... about a grand less now :wacko:
(7.16 isn’t too shabby just annoying!) :ph34r:
(Vanguard managed fund)

trying to decide whether to stick the remaining 6k of this years ISA allowance in it ...?
Not only are you good with bike selections, fund managers as well. :smile:


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Not only are you good with bike selections, fund managers as well. :smile:
Indeed, back up to 10.88% growth since account opened about 11 months ago :okay:


After much dithering I have finally opened a ready made S&S ISA (self select) that I can pick and mix going forward.

Not a huge sum but enough to make me concentrate and take it seriously.
You won't regret it long term so long as you have the balls not to panic sell at a loss when the markets periodically tank due to some major happening around the globe. Equities are naturally volatile, and it's both a blessing and a curse. The latter because if you've got a big portfolio you might see tens of thousands of pounds wiped off your net wealth in just a few hours due to some bit of bad news somewhere. A blessing because that same volatility can allow you to make serious money if you get your timing right (or are just lucky).
If you're going to be an active investor, rather than just go for an index tracker, you need strong self belief in your buying rationale if you take the out of favour value approach. I bought a good few thousand shares in both Royal Mail and Glencore mining when they were being battered. Most people I work with thought I was out of my mind. They've virtually tripled in value and I've sold most of the RMG since I think over a fiver a share is toppy and the div yield not that great. The proceeds went into LGEN, AV and DLG for the div yield. I've held on to the GLEN though as I expect post-virus commodities demand to rise and so the stock price and dividend.
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