First 20 miler: Happy and sad...

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Kevs-the-name, 21 Jul 2012.

  1. Managed to complete my first 20 miler today, done quite a few 15s but felt that 20 was a significant increase. However...
    this ride took 1.5 hrs at an average speed of 13.46, when I got home, my legs were shot. I certainly felt like I put the effort in!
    I ride a relatively heavy cyclocross bike and live in the south Wales valleys, so have a lot of hills to tackle.
    I know you shouldn't compare, but reading through other posts, people sniff at 20 milers, especially at such a slow pace, but I can't imagine that I can go much harder / faster.
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  2. captainhastings

    captainhastings Über Member

    West Wales
    Nothing too be sad about as you say no matter what direction you take around here there is very little flat and on a heavy bike too. I bet if you keep repeating it now and again you will find you will speed up and or it will get easier
  3. Garz

    Garz Squat Member

    We all started somewhere and the majority will have felt slow until they got a few months and some distance rides under the belt. Keep at it Kev, dont give up!
  4. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    If it's your first 20 miler? Then congratulations. It's a great achievement. A great average speed too.
    Keep it up and you will go longer and cycle faster.
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  5. Broughtonblue

    Broughtonblue Veteran

    kev's my name as well! keep at it, when i returned to cycling after a lengthy lay off due to medical reasons 20 miles was a killer. now a few months later i'm doing regular 50's with an average of 15mph +.
  6. OP

    Kevs-the-name Regular

    Thanks for the quick chuck up guys; i guess that is what forums are for :blush:
    I am however looking at changing to a lighter more road orientated bike, and obviously need to get out and ride some more.
    I use a decent heart rate monitor, and had an average heart rate of 157 (37yrs old). this would suggest that I either a) put the effort in or b) am super un-fit
    I do however play competitive (club) badminton twice a week for 2hrs sessions, and have lost just over a stone in the last 6wks. I guess time, patients and consistency is the answer!
  7. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Disc brakes - Stopping things since 1902

    Northern Ireland
    First off: Congratulations!

    Second: It sounds like you are still quite new to cycling so the best thing you can to is keep at it, building the distance gradually. I started at 18stone+ by riding 3 miles on a tank of a mountainbike - That was 18months ago and I'm now 4stone+ lighter, fitter than I have ever been,have tanlines and 40BPM resting heart rate when going to the fridge used to send it racing.

    Keep at it the improvements come. A year from now you'll come across this thread and think about how daft you looked. ^_^
  8. OP

    Kevs-the-name Regular

    I liked your post right up until you said I looked daft!:laugh:
  9. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Disc brakes - Stopping things since 1902

    Northern Ireland
    Haha - in a year this thread will look daft :becool:
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  10. Peteaud

    Peteaud Veteran

    South Somerset
    It does get easier as you go.

    I rode up a hill this morning without really thinking.

    6 months ago i almost got off and had to walk it.
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  11. Monsieur Remings

    Monsieur Remings Veteran

    Yatton UK
    Keep at it Kev and well done fella! Getting a decent light road bike will make the world of difference and so will your increase in fitness level. Keep at those hills and remember that 20 miles will soon turn into 30, 40 and 50 miles +. The freedom you will feel at being able to say, right, I'm going for a ride to ...(somewhere a long way away to you now) will feel great.

    All the best.
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  12. evo456

    evo456 Senior Member

    I wouldn't get too hung up with what other people get, the best thing is to keep improving you're own times/speed. 13mph for a heavy bike is respectable - without knowing what kind of roads you are riding on. See to it that this is your training bike, don't get to hung up about getting a lighter bike in the beginning as a quick way to up the speed. I am actually looking to put MORE weight on my bike, like d-lock and water bottle so that I can get to stage where I don't feel the additional weight penalty in effort.
  13. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    I have just completed 2 x 20 mile rides. One yesterday evening and one this morning. Don't get hung up on timr. The key is spending time in the saddle and going the distance.
    When i started i was happy doing 5 miles. Then going to my parents house & back was my goal at 12 miles.
  14. Archie_tect

    Archie_tect De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold

    The time and the distance don't matter a scrap. Heavy bike- doesnt matter. You will build up stamina and strength on a heavy bike up hills. All that a lighter, faster road bike will do is increase how far you go in the time you're out cycling.

    Just enjoy it Kev... and save yourself some money!
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  15. The Central Scrutinizer

    The Central Scrutinizer Veteran

    Well done kev:thumbsup:,as archie said don't beat yourself up about time and distance.

    I went out today and did twenty five miles around the beautiful essex countryside on a nice sunny day and although i've often done a lot more miles i was happy with that.

    The only other thing i will say is that if you want to take up cycling on a regular basis try and get yourself a road bike.
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