First 25 miler

Hi all
Just thought I'd post my first 25 mile ride today ,pretty impressed i managed it ,it was tough towards the end. I posted a time of 1hr 59 mins with an average speed of 12.8 mph reaching the dizzy speed of 32.4 mph .only thing I will say is I'm looking forward to my new bib shorts landing through my door could have done with the gel pad today.I don't know if anyone else has a boardman bike but could you tell me why they make such an amazing bike but such a bad seat ,feel like I've gone the rounds in a prison shower lol,anyone know of a good seat to buy.

gary in derby

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well done, had same problem with my saddle, a specialized. So, went to a specialized shop and got fitted for a different one. did london to brighton with not a single ouch. think its just a case of trial and error. though tbh dont think any stock saddle is any use as had to change the one on my giant mtb also.

Gary E

Well done on the ride. I had a similar problem with my seatage area and always intended to buy a newer/better saddle. For some reason I never quite got round to it which is just as well because I find the original saddle quite comfortable now :wacko:
Not sure if the saddle's morphed to match my behind or if it's the other way around?
I guess the moral of the story is - any saddle will be uncomfortable if your backside isn't used to the distance and since this is a PB for you I guess that puts you in that category?
Congratulations again on the new PB :wahhey:
Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

Thanks Gary will stick with for awhile hopefully the new bib with gel pad will help ,also I bought the garmin 200 has anyone else used one ,they are amazing every stat you could ask for and also it shows your route and then you can save it and race against yourself next time your out would recommend it to anyone
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