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Was hoping to get up to forty but computer said 36 .

However it does give me some hope as it was cats and dogs all the way and my back brake seems to have given up not sure if due the rain or overzealous breaking on pervious rides on my part .

Since I fitted a computer mid March I have done 628.9 miles to date but know I need to up the speed and distances before I attempt to London to Paris in Sepember.

As well as the break issue the other thing was very wet feet any advice would be appreciated.

Think most of the mud now washed off me and bicycle .


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Hi and congrats - 36 miles is a great achievement in the rain.

You could try some overshoes for the wet feet e.g.


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Well done 36 miles in the rain is good going

Overshoes (as said) or some plastic bags between your shoes and socks as a cheaper alternative.

have your rear brake checked out for wear and adjust if nessasary or swop the front pads / disk pads (not known what type of braking system you have) to the rear.

In any case brakes become a little less effective in the wet, so allow extra room for braking, just like in your car :smile:



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Steve it was along to Tod and back . If I had not been so wet I would have cycled a few circuits around Whinny Hill to make it 40 . ( not sure how accurate my computer thing is but think it is about right)

Hope the finger heals quickly did you do that in Brighouse?

Thanks everyone for the encoragement.
I had a piece in teh Echo I dunno if you saw it and need to do as much training as possible .


Steve H

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Yes Jacqui - bust the finger in Brighouse. The irony is I've done quite a bit of challenging off roading recently - through rock gardens and tough trenches. No serious falls. I then did a little safe road route and fell off at the entrance to Welhome Park - no obstacles, nothing challenging. Just a bit of wet wood and a loss of concentration.

I must do the route to Todmorden one day. Lovely route and reasonably flat.


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Steve hope you get back on the bike soon . I will approach Welholme with caution . The Todmorden ride was good but the weather and break problems made it harder . We did the stretch back between Tod and hebden on teh road which was awful with the traffic but I covered the ground pretty quickly ( for me anyway ) which gives me a bit of hope for the ride in September.

Thanks Simon the sopping wet feet was the worse part I think . I will look the socks up.

Got a text today from a friend of mine telling me he has bought a bike so I have encouraged one more . Whether I will keep it up after London to Paris or chuck my bike in the Seine remains to be seine .
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