First 600 completed


Following my dramas on my 400 I completed my first 600 at the weekend, the North Coast Classic. It was tough, lots of climbing, mostly in the first half, but I managed to get a sleep at John O Groats.

I'm gradually refining my clothing and fuelling strategies and my emergency supplies. Changed my chain a few days beforehand. No punctures at all, carried more tubes, patches, emergency boots and for good measure a spare tyre. However I either need a bigger bag or to ditch some of the stuff I'm already carrying and carry some more clothes. With temperature differences from about 3 to 17 degrees at the weekend I need plenty of options.

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I’m yet to do a 600. I did a 508km event recently for the first time without sleep so I’m sure I can unlock that goal. Finding a weekend during the school holidays for an event has proven futile. It looks like I will have to DIY one. Or perhaps I should look in the AUK calendar for one further afield. Hmmm.

I was utterly flabbergasted at how well my mind and body coped.

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Well done in your first 600


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I am just in awe at anybody completing such mileage I could not even comprehend cycling 600 miles in a month let alone a weekend.
It would be kms, not miles, but even so - 373 miles is a LONG ride so, yes - well done!

I would like to do 300 kms and if I bothered to attempt that, I'm sure that I would extend it to 322 km to get 200 miles in.

I can't see me riding much further than 322 kms unless (a) I got a lot fitter so I could manage a better average speed, and (b) Got much more comfortable on the bike - I currently start to feel sore after 100 kms and am in a lot of discomfort after 100 miles. If I did overcome the speed/comfort problems then perhaps a 400 would be an option, but I don't like riding at night and don't fancy sleep deprivation either so a mid-summer 400 in daylight hours would be my limit.


Temps always seem colder than forecast. A mix of fatigue and at night there's no sun rays to warm you. Always carry clothing for colder temps than forecast. Being cold at night is miserable and may stop you resting when you really should. It takes extra energy to stay warm.
The Saturday was warmer and I was pleased with my choice of shorts rather than tights. Then leaving a hotel control in the evening it was cold with a rising wind and I regretted my choice of leg wear. That made for an interesting segment. I made it though. I put my tights and a warmer base layer on the following day then had a very warm mid-day section.
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