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First Commute to Work Today

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by JtB, 20 Jun 2008.

  1. JtB

    JtB Executive Rooster

    North Hampshire
    Just commuted to work for the first time ever this morning (~ 10 miles) and I'm not sure if I enjoyed it or not. The extra weight of my laptop (and other stuff) on the back of the bike seemed to make a bigger difference than I expected and the pollen left me with hey fever :biggrin:. Anyway, let's see how the commute home goes this evening :biggrin:.
  2. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Staff Member

    Think of the weight as an extra training aid to get you fitter.... (theoretically I should be really fit given the amount I cram in my pannier).
  3. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Hi Shaun, well done on commuting in today. Does your laptop go in a rucksack or pannier?
  4. JtB

    JtB Executive Rooster

    North Hampshire
    Thanks. I've got a laptop pannier bag on the rear of my bike and it doesn't feel too heavy when I carry it, but it seems to make a significant difference on the bike.
  5. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah Staff Member

    Hi Shaun,
    Well done on your first commute. 10 Miles is very good going for a first time.
    It took me nearly 18 months before I ventured the 13miles all the way to work. May be a good idea to get a face mask for the hay fever.

    What bike have you got? May be a good idea to look at a lightweight hybrid with pannier racks on the back.
  6. HelenD123

    HelenD123 Veteran

    Hi Shaun.

    Well done on your first commute! What difference did you notice? Was it the weight, handling etc? I don't notice my laptop slowing me down but the bike does feel a bit unsteadier
  7. marinyork

    marinyork Resting in suspended Animation

    10 miles is a very good first effort with clobber.
  8. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    That's weird that you can notice the extra weight on a commute! I can load my bike up with two full panniers and an eighteen month old in the child seat and still make pretty good progress. Do you have a lot of steep hills to consider possibly?

    I am in London so don't really encounter much in the way of hills apart from one flyover.
  9. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Well done - don't forget not to over do it at first - if you need a rest day then take one...you'll soon be doing it every day in all weathers, as using a car or bus will drive you nuts....
  10. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah Staff Member

    Addictive is not an exaggeration....

    Mrs Ianrauk to Mr Ianrauk.
    "Your not going to be cycling in everyday are you?"
    Mr Ianrauk to Mrs Ianrauk
    "Don't worry luv. I'll only be doing it 3 days a week max, don't want to over do it"

    Yeah right...!!!
    Doesn't work like that does it?

    All of May, all of June so far, Sun, wind, rain, everyday...and loving it.
    And to top it all £200 saved so far on Oystercards. ;)
  11. JtB

    JtB Executive Rooster

    North Hampshire
    Thanks all for the encouragement. I made it back home again in one piece although my gear cable broke half way home and I had to ride the rest in top gear. Maybe its unfair placing all the blame for the extra effort on my pannier, but it did feel a bit like cycling up-hill with the wind in my face this morning. Anyway, by the time I got home there was no work related stress left, so I'm looking forward to some more commuting next week.
  12. HJ

    HJ Cycling in Scotland

    Auld Reekie
    Warning!! Cycle commuting can become addictive :wacko: Keep at it, you will soon get used to the extra weight, then come the weekend when you can ride without it you will find you are flying...
  13. Keeno

    Keeno New Member

    Derry, N.Ireland
    Well done m8, planning my first commute to work tomorrow morning so this was an interesting read.

    One question though, do you really need to lug the laptop with you each day? Why not keep it in work and transfer data using a usb stick to your home computer, if you have one of course.