First Commute Tomorrow


Hiya all

Well, I'm going to brave it thanks to the support of Kiwiavanger cycling with me.
I'm going to in the first time in my working life, cycle to work.

I must admitt I'm a tad scared as thinking of what can happen as i have seen while driving other car drivers be idiots towards cyclist so hear goes nothing.

Wish me luck

Dee ;)


Fast and careful!
good luck,hold your position on the road beware of getting pushed int deep cambers and enjoy the ride,with commutes and club rides I now do over 200 miles a week even in this weather and enjoy every ride:thumbsup:


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Go steady :smile: be careful of gaps. Cars let other cars through regardless of whether you're part of the deal!

Be aware and anticipate :smile: but enjoy it. It's very satisfying riding past 50 cars stuck standing still.


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Good luck with it, and most importantly ENJOY it! :bicycle:
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