First Commute

Inspired by my pal Steve at work and having had the odd ride out in the evenings I cycled the 25 miles into work this morning in 2 hours on my old but functional Diamondback mountain bike. I feel quite chuffed, especially as I'm not a very good cyclist. Going to stick to once a week for a bit and see how it goes :smile:

Now, where are my Weetabix...


Well done. I have done 22 miles into work. Took me 1 hour 40 minutes. I'm on an old cheap hybrid with 700c wheels.
If you continue to do it,i would suggest looking at a road hybrid or drop bar bike
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Hey, cheers :smile:
I fitted some Marathon Plus tires a while back so the bike rolls better. Still weighs half a ton though. Would be nice to have a lighter, shinier road bike but this one shall keep me fit until then!
4 weetabix, didn't touch the sides - very, very hungry this lunchtime! I guess I've got a few calories to replace which means I can have a bun, hurrah!
And yes... I've got to get back tonight and all the hills are at the end 8-/
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I'm on commute number four today. Its going well but I am STARVING on Thursdays as a result. This time my pal lent me his Raleigh road bike and I shaved about 15 minutes off my best time and 2mph faster despite having not much energy, jelly legs and stopping for a bit of a rest (lack of food? just not feeling too good?) which I'm very happy with. Just got to get the hang of toe straps and putting power into the pedals over the entire crank rotation using muscles I don't use that often!

Any food tips for night before and on long ride days? More of everything seems to be order of the day! Compelx carbs etc?



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TBH, if you are commuting 25 miles twice a day, you can eat anything. Burgers, sausages, full fat milk, chips, proper Cola. And remember to smile at anyone eating salads or looking longingly at your plate.

In order to keep away too many hunger pangs, some good slow-release carbs is always good. Plenty of bread and oat-based cereal for breakfast (porrige, Oatabix, Museli, Oat Flakes, depending on your preference) helps, as does rice and pasta for lunch. But don't skip the cakes and deserts, pies and curries. You've earnt the right to eat them too.
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