First day cycling on the road...


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So I cycled on the road for the first time today, and it went pretty well except for being shouted at by a lorry driver to "get out of the road you stupid *******".

But I don't know if he was right or I wa,s so.....

I was turning right at the lights but I didn't want to squeeze down the left hand side of the traffic to get to the front - that's not a good idea right? - So as I was waiting I positioned myself in the middle of the road two cars back from the lights figuring that I'd just cycle to the lights and then turn right like I was a car. The lorry was coming towards me and shouted as he passed me, before I had even got to the lights. Was I in the wrong?



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Welcome to Cycle Chat Isabella.

No you wasn't wrong. In fact I would go as far to say that you did everything correctly and far better then a lot of 'so called' experienced cycling commuters I see on my ride to work.

The lorry driver was just a loud mouth arse. Just ignore.


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Are you sure he was shouting due to your road position? I mean, you didnt give any additional info that could help - was it dawn and you had no lights on? Did you wobble into the other carriage way just before hand?

Or was he just a complete twat? Ah yes, that's probably it!

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Lorry drivers scum of the earth i should know i am one :smile: seriously though for every idiot one there are 100 who are curtious not road hogs or mindless blind idiots that just focus 10 ft in front of there lorry ! if it was me coming the other was i would have thought u were in the perfect safe position for a cyclist to be in so as advised ignore the undesirable and enjoy ur cycling. Or just flick him the finger and blow him a kiss whilst he joins the next traffic jam :wahhey:

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Welcome Isabella!
Don't worry too much about getting shouted at, happens sometimes, even if you do nothing wrong :wacko:
Happened to me today, on a road I have been riding every day, at the same speed, in the same position as always.
This guy just decided to beep and point his finger at me: he was probably in a bad mood!
Don't let it put you off :hello:

Isabella you did nothing wrong, some folk are just bullies or think they are comedians, you get used to it, honestly.

I usually reply to any insults or uncalled for comments, especially if swearing is involved,with ''morning, vicar!''
it helps keep things in perspective. Unless of course you happen to be shouted at by some angry psycho vicar.:smile:


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Forget it and keep up the excellent technique.

I find a good answer to shouts is to smile inanely and wave for just a little too long.
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