First disapproval of my trike


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Anyone who shouts or gesticulates, in whatever manner gets the same reaction from me I smile just a little too much and wave energetically for far too long. Pules the bejabers out of them.


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A guy in a Range Rover :rolleyes: did this to me free-sexy-smileys-944.gif I just smiled back :smile:
Maybe he was inviting you for coffee? I remember the Gareth Hunt Nescafe ads. Just.

Got to pity the poor bloke being in a Range Rover though. Maybe he had caught sight of himself in a shop window or something.
Might have been an offer :whistle:
Been there!

Had a video of an employee in a liveried van suggesting that I would like to partake in a sexual activity

Sent the video to the company saying I was flattered, but

1. Was it really appropriate for their employee to be soliciting on company time.
2. What was the company's policy on unwelcome sexual harassment

Had a three page email apologising for the conduct and ensuring me that the employee had been formally warned
Have received far more negative remarks from DF tour de ego type riders than motorists - who on the whole I find very accommodating.
Had this at a cafe stop with the Kettwiesel

Suggested the guy rode it

Two minutes later .. Massive grin and impressed

8 of his colleagues then tried

All were impressed and agreed that although slower, it was far more fun than the racing bikes


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Ahh the self-gratification artist. Would it have seemed childish to shout I know you are, but what am I?

A BMW driver once gave me the self-gratification artist sign when passing me, then wound down his window at the lights when I caught up. He asked what the hell I thought I was doing on the road? I replied "I'm moving through traffic quicker than I would in my car, and I'm getting some exercise to avoid becoming fat like you." Then I left him and filtered away on a cushion of smugness.

He was very fat.

Don't let it get you down. The nice comments far outweigh the negatives on a 'bent. Unless you're riding a 2 wheel high racer.....I used to get a bit of verbal hassle on that.
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