First Horse


A Human Being
For the very first time ever in my short commuting history I came upon a horse being led along the road.

Took it very slowly, waited behind for a while until the horse was completely aware of my presence then eased past a couple of kph faster than the horse.

The person leading the horse had positioned themselves so that they were closest to the kerb/verge, which meant when they looked behind their vision was obscured by the horse.
I've started giving the rider a shout from a reasonable distance off so they are aware of my approach and have time to sort themselves and the horse out. Summat along the lines of "cyclist approaching/passing on the right" fits the bill and, as you've said, make the passing speed not too much higher than that of the equine and mount.

dave r

Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner
If I'm approaching a horse an rider from the rear I normally just say "Good Morning/ Afternoon" before I've got too close and loud enough to be heard, but not that loud I spook the horse, then I will pass slow and wide.
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