First off

Ouch...... I can't get photos to upload So you can't share my pain.

I went out with the family around Stanley valley. Took my old rusty mountain bike that became more clickity with each mile. Just got into our close when the bottom bracket locked up just as I bumped off a curb. No skin left on my hands, knees or elbows. Left shoulder and right pinky feel broken. A new injury for me.... The chain ring has pierced my right calf in a perfect chain ring shape. Impressive!

So I'm now off to get pissed to take away some of my pain :sad:


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Oh dear! I hope the broken bits aren't. but best get them looked at, and before you resort to alcohol...

A mate of mine got a chainring bite and invented a story about being mauled by a tiger escaping from a travelling circus. ;)
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