first real off road


Did two hours off road this morning which was more or less a first for me, as I'm a roady.:biggrin:

It was great fun and I was well impressed, especially the way the bikes ride over big rocks and such like. I might even be tempted to look out for a second hand bike for myself. Anyway, I thought some of you specialists might be interested to see my pal's bike. He made the frame and swinging arm himself from carbon fibre. I had a quick go on it and it was like riding an armchair even over really big stones.

Oh well, I'm trying to post a pic here but it won't bloody 'ave it. ;) The pic shows up in the window, but when I click save it disappears.
ha - bingo!



Do you smell fudge?
that bike has an incredible frame! - is it me or are the forks and seat stem pretty heavily swept back?

Glad you had a good time off road... its good fun isnt it :dry:


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It is lot of fun going off road, glad you had fun the bike looks great. Andy and I have both MTB's but would love to do up a bike we were thinking of a road bike or a fixie
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