First Road Bike...What a Revelation


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Hi All,

Well after what seems an age I finally collected my new RB. A Genesis Aether. It is a 08 model so the price was low and the spec high compared to the 2010 model.

As it was bought on the C2W scheme I decided to go the full hog and buy as much kit as I could, taking me up to the scheme limit. This included lights, water bottle and cage, new jacket and helmet as well as McCrud mudguards and a Garmin 305 with Heart Rate and Cadence. Unfortunately the Garmin and mudguards weren't in stock so will have to wait for them.

The bike was bought from the Bike Dock in Belfast and although the guy I dealt with today was very pleasant I was disappointed to find that none of the accessories had been fitted. He also offered no advice on the bike such as gears (use of) or how to set up the bike.

So little moan over. I couldn't wait to get the bike home and remove the bell and reflectors and then fit the lights etc. I do have to admit to being a little apprehensive about getting on the bike, but this was unfounded as the bike was a dream. Very easy to ride and a lot more comfortable than I expected, especially as its fitted 23c tyres. So I went for a short ride to get the hang of the bike and first revelation was the STi levers. What a dream these are. I need to get a few more miles in the saddle to fully appreciate the gears and get some finesse with them.

I did find the palms of my hands a little sore and therefore changed hand position a lot, not sure if this is due to my large body mass forced forward or me getting used to the bars? Me thinks body mass (fat B) :blush:.

Downhill and on the flat the bike just seemed to glide. On the hills it's fair to say that it wasn't much quicker on the stepper parts than I would get out of my cheap hybrid, but I put this down to my lack of fitness, what I did notice was that as soon as the slope eased off the bike just seemed to accelerate away and I was whipping up the gears.

So on the whole a great first ride, all I need now is for the Garmin to turn up so I can see just how well the ride is going.


Gerry Attrick

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Well done for taking the plunge Getfit.

The problem with sore hands will probably get better with the miles, but a good pair of gloves/mitts will help a great deal.

The climbing will come with practice, but I suspect you are quicker than you realise already. The thing with a road bike is that you don't always appreciate how much quicker you are unless you are riding with someone on a slower bike.

Anyhow, don't rush too much, you have superb riding country in your part of the would be a shame to miss it!


Nice work, GF.

I'll be over your side of the puddle next month, for the NW200. The bike I'll be on climbs the hills even faster than my road bike, though. :blush: (That pic was taken a little west of you, near Draperstown)


Well done GF - check the seat position as you shouldn't be putting too much weight on your hands. Or if the seat is ok then the bars need raising a tad.


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Cheers for the advice guys, I will look at raising the bars a touch however I was surprised my wrists weren't sore. I have a good set of golves with gel pads and I intend to fit my cycle computer from the hybrid while I wait for the Garmin to turn up.

I do live at the top of a steep hill meaning I always finish on a steep climb, this will help with the fitness and strength.

My plan is to work up to covering around 150 miles per week. This will take a while I know!

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