First time cycling in London


And I don't see what the fuss is all about. I did 30 miles in London over the last weekend and only had a few incidents... A lot less than I'd normally get around York.
(In case of interest I had two peanuts in BMWs cutting me up on purpose, a cabbie drive at me, and a few close passes)

People say cycling in London is dangerous, but it isn't if you use your common sense.
-Opinion of a northerner

Also: I rode CS7 from Blackfriars to Brixton Road, the road is shockingly bad and I'm glad I didn't have to continue any further than the A23 turn-off.


Who said there was a fuss? I think it's generally recognised that, given the volume of cyclists on London streets and the relatively slow moving traffic, London is a much safer place to cycle than other cities around the country, as drivers are now quite used to dealing with cyclists around them. I can't compare as I've never cycled in other major cities, but it seems to reflect the comments made on here over time.


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Yup, I'm not too surprised you found London safer. Busier too, but yes, I don't see any need for a fuss either. I suppose it goes to show how YouTube channels make a place look bad since they concentrate a minority of bad experiences and ignore the vast majority of enjoyable safe and happy cycling miles.


A couple of close passes on narrow roads,but (touch wood) otherwise a very pleasant experience beating cars through the city :biggrin:


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London is far easier, and far more pleasant than York, which is a mix of rammed roads, lousy signposts, and dopey bike paths. The only blessings as far as York is concerned is that it's small, and that the country thereabouts is delightful. And that most of my riding in York is straight out of town at midnight.

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often people who don't ride in London say its dangerous. Those that do, more often find it to be a very cycle aware environment with lots of provision for riders. Its the same for pockets of London...I find the Old Kent road to be one of the safest fastest roads in London but many avoid it with an assumption that it'll be hellish.

London's also an awesome city to ride through, especially when over half your route was used for the Olympics...really inspiring to ride constitution hill through the parks and down through the west of London these days.
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I agree that riding through London is much more comfortable in reality than the reputation it gets, and my first proper experience of riding in London (other than in the big FNRttC group) was getting back from London Bridge to Euston by dead reckoning after a FNRttC.

There's miles of bus lanes that mean you get more room than on normal roads in other towns/cities, and the traffic is pretty slow. It's interesting that you consider those deliberate obstructions to be common though. I get close passes round here but I can't remember the last time someone deliberately tried to obstuct me
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