First wobbly tooth

My eldest has got his first wobbly tooth! I'm finding it a bit stressful...What if he swallows it??? (I know the answer probably involves a sieve!!!). Also what are people's thoughts about keeping them? I always find it a bit weird that people would want to. Does anyone look back on them fondly or is it just gross?


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I swallowed most of mine. Also pulled a couple out prematurely. Didn't do me any harm...



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Most teeth aren't swallowed, instead they normally seem to come at some awkward moment and they will wobble them lots near the end. Once out put it in a box or anything to make it a little bigger when you are searching under that pillow as that's the time you are most likely to be unable to find it!


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I always tell my friends kids that if they put the tooth under a pillow at night, the tooth fairy will come at night and leave £50.00

My friends love it when I do that.

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My boy, who's 7, shows no signs of wobbly teeth at all, all his classmates have lost teeth and he's a bit concerned he hasn't.
nothing to worry about, comes at different ages for all. i know some people in my year (about 16 years old) who haven't gone through puberty yet where as other have finished
i wouldn't worry

as for OP i wouldn't worry if he swallows them just tell him the tooth fairy is magic and will still find them somehow, i think that's what my parents told me and my bro's
Cheers Ed


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We've been through the logic with him, not working so far.
The only bad point I can think of based on a friend of ours who was even later than mine was that the first four all came out relatively quickly which made it difficult to bite food for a short while. Lots of cutting food up small for a couple of months!

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You may find it stressful for quite some time as well...they can take aaaaaaages to come out - recommend lots of chewy toffee and hard fruit (apples, plums, pears, etc). Don't think we've kept any of the old teeth, but I can never be sure...nobody tells me nuffin!
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