FitBit - Any good?

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by FatherCrowe, 15 Aug 2012.

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  2. LosingFocus

    LosingFocus Lost it, got it again.

    A friend of mine has one and uses the web-app to post to Facebook, proudly displaying that he took x-thousand steps and walked 1.3 miles that day. Makes me chuckle.
  3. OP

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    So migth be good but I might also get laughed at.....hmm <moves FitBit from Amazon basket back to wish list!>
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    It doesn't look as though it was designed for cycling use, though.
  5. OP

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    Yep saw that, just wondered for general fitness type stuff. cheers.
  6. looked more interesting for monitoring sleep - hate to think what it would actually record for me but it might explain why I'm so tired lately.
  7. G2EWS

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    I use the fitbit and you are correct it is not automatically any good for cycling.

    My key reason for buying one is the fact that it tracks sleep. I have been experiencing a lot of problems where I wake in the morning still feeling exhausted. I had suspected the reasons for this, but using the fitbit gave me all the information I needed.

    So here is a typical bad nights sleep:


    The key problem is the average person needs about 90 - 120 minutes to hit REM sleep. It is only required for a matter of seconds to be of use. If you don't get to REM sleep your body has got to catch up or it will suffer. I had indeed been suffering for a long time!

    Here is last nights sleep:


    As you can see a good solid sleep until I woke about 03:30. But that one REM sleep has done me a lot of good.

    Oh and the key to why I keep waking? You won't be surprised to know that the main reason is alcohol! It doesn't need to be much, but the wrong alcohol. So I know to be careful of some of my favourite whiskies if I want have a good sleep!

    I also find it useful for tracking my daily walking exercise and when I review it, I can make sure I reach the various targets I set myself.

    Since biking I add in the distance and time it takes which also calculates a rough calorie burn.

    All in all I think this is a really great product and recommend it to anyone who wants to track what they do or as in my case if they are worried about their sleep patterns.

    Best regards

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  8. RaRa

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    + 1 on the comments about using it for sleep. It's the main reason I bought one and compared to some of the other monitors out there I found it an easy, fairly cheap way of tracking your sleep patterns if you think you have an underlying problem. I do also wear it for monitoring activity - it was quite an eye opener to discover I take less than 2000 steps during an average office day.
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